Complete Reach
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Complete Reach

200,000 Impressions Generating 1,000 Ad Clicks per Week

Reach target consumers using Email Inbox Ads, SEO Ads, Mobile Geo-Fencing, and Site Retargeting driving a guaranteed 1,000 Ad Clicks per week!

20% Discount when ordering a full month of Complete Reach –
800,000 impressions generating a g
4,000 ad clicks per month! 

Email Inbox Ads

Reach target consumers while they’re reading email provided by the largest U.S. email service providers – Gmail and Yahoo!


Reach target consumers while they’re actively searching the internet via the largest search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Receive daily list of device IDs entering your geographic zones

Mobile Geofencing

Reach consumers who visit specific locations that are important to your business!

Site Retargeting

Reach consumers who previously visited your website, regardless of how they ended up there!

What’s Needed to Get Started

  • Your ideal target audience description including keywords that are important to your business
  • Your target geography
  • Company logo – Square 1200x1200 (max. 150 kb)
  • Main email inbox d and text ad single image – 1200x628 and the preferred square 628x628 version of the main image: JPG, PNG, or GIF (non-animated)
  • Ad text:
    • Ad title – 25 Characters
    • Ad description – 90 Characters
    • Company name – 20 Characters
  • Click through URL(s)
  • Your 1-6 Geo-Fencing locations per order
  • Mobile Geofencing ad images: 300x250 and 320x50 (2-6 ads per order)
  • Site retargeting ad images: 160x600, 300x250, 320x50, and 728x90: JPG, PNG, or GIF

What’s Included

  • 200,000 impressions generating 1,000 guaranteed ad clicks per week
  • Daily impressions and clicks reporting via platform
  • Privacy-compliant targeting data and full-service ad placement with optimization
  • Viewability – ensuring that your advertising will be viewed by consumers
  • Brand Safety –preventing your ad from appearing adjacent to questionable content (e.g. adult, hate speech, etc.)
  • Fraud Detection – proactively blocking your advertisement from appearing on compromised websites that have no potential to be viewed by a consumer

What’s Not Included

  • Art – design your own ad images or have Data-Dynamix design all needed assets for a flat fee of $500 per Complete Reach order (one creative set may be used for full-month orders)

Reach your targets across multiple channels for the most effective way to boost conversions!

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