Data-Driven Targeting

Data-Driven Targeting

Data-Dynamix has access to over 95% of all U.S. adults, including demographics and interests to create the powerful data set.

According to Pew Research* 95% of Americans own a cell phone and about 50% own a tablet. Mobile use is at its peak and still rising – leveraging mobile experiences is an absolute requirement for every successful marketer. *Pew Research Center Factsheet January 12, 2017 

Mobile Phones & Tablets

This enables you to deliver impressions to the mobile devices of the targets you choose!

Through the alignment of privacy-compliant data with the ad-tech to target, Data-Dynamix offers the best means of delivering messaging to desired consumers. Mobile device targeting that ensures that when a device is active, ads will be served. It does not matter whether the device is browsing or in an application, a targeted ad will be served to that device, giving a you an amazing way to reach your target consumers right when they are active and engaged.

Mobile Devices are Everywhere

This incredible fact drives the need for a strong cross-marketing strategy in all advertising plans. Contact us to learn more about what we can do to deliver your campaigns to directly to the devices of precisely the right prospects.

Programmatic campaigns are capable of delivering in-app and in-browser display ads only to devices within certain coordinates, or “geofences.” This approach can be extremely effective, enabling advertisers to deliver ads to visitors to a certain event, trigger ads when visitors enter a certain shopping location, or many more approaches.

Data-Dynamix can help you build your mobile geofencing, schedule your ad and track its performance.


Household Targeting

Case Study

Learn how mobile device targeting more than tripled click-throughs for Ged Lawyers, LLP

Case Study

Learn how one advertiser leveraged targeted programmatic to reach certain homeowners! 

With Data-Dynamix’s programmatic targeting technology, advertisers can now control which demographics and locations will see their online ads.

We enable advertisers to digitally reach the households of their target audience, just like with direct mail.

Choose Who Sees Your Ads!

Data-driven targeting technology enables advertisers to create display campaigns not only raises their brand awareness, but also places their brand directly in front of the prospective buyers they seek. That means more clicks, not just impressions. 

Programmatic campaigns driven by our data set average nearly three times more click-throughs than typical display campaigns.

Data-Driven Programmatic Targeting

If you are interested in gaining sales, not just impressions, from your online campaigns, contact us to learn more about the easiest way to reach your targets today. The results are real!

Household Address Targeting = Privacy-Compliant Targeting

Data-Dynamix enables advertisers to reach physical home addresses of targets spanning a multitude of demographics and interests across the United States. And with over two decades of experience providing postal direct marketing services, our data experts can help you build the perfect list for any advertising campaign. 

Even better, the cross-channel depth of our data set enables advertisers to reach their customers digital based on their own mailing lists! Using the powerful matching capabilities of our data, advertisers can craft extremely powerful cross-channel campaigns from the components of one single channel’s targeting data!

We enable advertisers to: 

  • Craft a list of postal addresses using highly selectable demographics
  • Analyze response rates to measure the effectiveness of your campaign
  • Obtain access to premium list subscriptions for your mail house
  • Provide direct mail retargeting to email openers and clickers
  • Implement complex Cross-Channel Marketing solutions

Here For You 

Data-Dynamix’s account managers are here to make sure your offline and online campaigns are optimized to meet your goals. We specialize in list services, business and consumer deployments, predictive modeling, response rate analysis and privacy-compliant, data-driven digital targeting. We will help you create and deploy a custom campaign that reaches your exact audience in a meaningful way.

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