Meet Us at MEGA!
MEGA 2018

Hear Data-Dynamix  Vice President, Customer Experience and Product Integration, Brendon Brigham, share his thoughts on the latest in consumer targeting technology: integrated demographics and device targeting.

“Leveraging Cross-Device Opportunities”
Bring together local businesses and highly-sourced information on individuals – graphed against their individual device ID, IP address and more.

Where: MEGA Conference, San Diego, Manchester Grand Hyatt
When: Feb. 27, 2018, 10:30 am

Every mobile phone and tablet has a unique device ID used to distinguish it from every other device in the world, and these identifiers are frequently captured from converted clicks and leveraged for re-marketing campaigns. What if you didn’t have to capture and convert to obtain target consumer devices to reach? Today, we can connect your marketing to the right devices, enabling you to reach your target audience directly on those devices.

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