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Over 240 million US adults, matching verified offline data to confirmed online data. This sophisticated identity resolution is Deterministix™, and provides cross-channel marketing capabilities unlike any before. 

All Data, No Cookies

By leveraging data, not cookies, we have the ability to target individuals’ devices when they are using the web or online apps. That data includes individual device IDs and IP addresses, and is matched to a repository of offline consumer data, including demographics and physical home addresses. We can then connect opted-in email addresses too! Think of all the possible marketing opportunities using this dataset!

There has simply never been a better time to be a marketer. Prospects can be reached via email, direct mail, mobile device or desktop, and with Deterministix, reaching the right prospects digitally is now a reality.

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Lookalike Marketing Using a Cross-Channel Digital Marketing Strategy!

 We can match your customer database against with the data we have access to, to reveal the specific demographic trends and profiles that  comprise your market. And then we identify more prospects just like them.


The truth is, at Data-Dynamix, we know you need solutions that are comprehensive and turnkey. Our solutions leverage offline and online data graphed on over 240 million US adults, including demographics, IP addresses, device IDs and opted-in email addresses.  




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