Device ID Targeting

Device ID Targeting 

In today’s world, we no longer have to guess at how to reach our customers; we know.

We have offline and online data graphed on over 240 million US adults, including demographics, IP addresses, device IDs and opted-in email addresses. Leveraging the Deterministix™ dataset, we use comprehensive data from multiple touch points and devices to be able to connect physical addresses with digital touch points to even opted-in email.

Mobile Phones and Tablets

It’s an omni-channel world, and we know that multiple touch points drive engagement and ultimately sales.

Every mobile phone and tablet has a unique device ID used to distinguish it from every other device in the world, and these identifiers are frequently captured from converted clicks and leveraged for re-marketing campaigns. What if you didn’t have to capture and convert to obtain target consumer devices to reach? We can connect your marketing to the right devices, enabling you to reach your target audience directly on those devices.

Through the application of top tier data aligned with technology to target, we offer the best means of delivering your messaging to your desired consumers. Our technology drives advertising deployments, so when a device is active, marketing messages will be served. It does not matter whether the device is browsing or in an application, if that page or app serves ads, a targeted ad will be served to that device, giving a you an amazing way to reach your target consumers when they are active and engaged.

Mobile Devices are Everywhere

According to Pew Research*, 95% of Americans own a cell phone and about 50% own a tablet. Mobile use is at its peak and still rising – leveraging mobile experiences is an absolute requirement for every successful marketer.

This incredible fact drives the need for a strong cross-marketing strategy in all advertising plans. Contact us to learn more about what we can do to deliver your campaigns to directly to the devices of precisely the right prospects.

*Pew Research Center Factsheet January 12, 2017