Direct Mail

Direct Mail to the Home Still Works!

Some might call it old school, but nothing reaches consumers as directly as mail they want to read. As a well-known and sustained leader in direct marketing, we have access to the highest-caliber lists in the country.

With close to two decades of experience providing postal direct marketing services, we can help you get your message out every step of the way. We can:

• Craft a list of names and postal addresses using highly selectable demographics
• Design custom mailers for your campaign
• Facilitate mailing and shipping of your campaign
• Analyze response rates to measure the effectiveness of your campaign
• Obtain access to premium list subscriptions for your mail house
• Provide direct mail retargeting to email openers and clickers
• Implement complex Cross-Channel Marketing solutions

Here For You

We work with you both before and after your campaign to help you optimize your list and reach your target market. We apply predictive modeling technology with our expert understanding of attributes to generate high-value lists. Our lists come from general consumer data compiled into a comprehensive national list containing over 132 million households. The end result is the most accurate, comprehensive prospect source available for marketing today.

Our account managers are here for you to make sure your campaigns are optimized and set up to meet your goals. We specialize in list brokerage services, business and consumer direct mail deployments, predictive modeling, and response rate analysis. We will help you create and deploy a custom campaign that reaches your exact audience in a meaningful way.