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Reach over 95% of US adults, matched to verified offline data and aligned to privacy-compliant online data. This sophisticated, identity data-driven targeting process provides cross-channel marketing capabilities that meet today’s stringent privacy regulations. 

Data-Driven, Privacy-Compliant Targeting

By leveraging privacy-compliant data, we have the ability to target preferred consumers’ devices when they are using the web or online apps. Data-Dynamix data-driven targeting is matched to a repository of publicly available and privacy-compliant consumer data, including demographics and physical home addresses. We can then connect opted-in email addresses too! Think of all the possible marketing opportunities using this dataset for privacy-compliant targeting!

There has simply never been a better time to be a marketer. Prospects can be reached via email, direct mail, mobile device or desktop and reaching the right prospects digitally is now a reality.

Make Mobile Geofencing Work for You

Five Tips to Help You Get Better Results from Your Digital Ads Mobile geofencing has created a lot of buzz amongst marketers, and for good reason! This location-based digital marketing tool allows you to target consumers who visit locations important to your business...

Lookalike Marketing Using a Cross-Channel Digital Marketing Strategy!

Leverage your customer database to find lookalike consumers – identify more prospects just like them!

The truth is, at Data-Dynamix we know you need solutions that are comprehensive and turnkey. Our solutions leverage offline and online data graphed on over 95% of all US adults, including demographics, opted-in email addresses and publicly-available, privacy compliant data targeting.


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Targeting the wrong market? Looking for those specific audiences? 👉 Nebrasky Plumbing was tired of wasting money on targeting the wrong market. They wanted homeowners in the Northeast to see their ads and visit their website – but you can’t choose who will see your display ads, right? Wrong! Data-Dynamix can display ads to the very households and devices you want!“With an overwhelming majority of impressions served to mobile devices, the client reached busy homeowners (and not renters) on their mobile phones – the platform most often used for seeking home improvement and maintenance services.” - Data-Dynamix Digital Ad Specialist. 😉👍✳️ Interested in a FREE CONSULTATION? Message us today!#DataDynamix #DigitalMarketing #Advertising #MarketingDigital #MarketingOnline #EmailAds #EmaiMarketing #YourMessage #Targeting #Marketing ... See MoreSee Less
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