Mobile Geofencing

Use Mobile Targeting To Reach Consumers Who Visit Locations Important to Your Business! 

Location listen to 5 points of interest you desire: Listen to your location, listen to your competitors’ locations and listen to locations that are of interest to you to gain insights. Gain powerful information when you compare your location traffic against your competitors. 


Use Cases:
Deliver advertising to competitors’ customers
Execute competitive blunting over own business
Target specific venues
Target specific events
Deliver your ads through Device ID Targeting 


What’s Needed to Get Started


  • Your 5 locations per order
  • Mobile Ads: 300x250 and 320x50 (2-6 ads per order)


What’s Included


  • Daily Reporting
  • Location Data and Media needed to deliver ads to the visitors of your targeted locations


What’s Not Included


  • Art – you provide your own ad images (for an additional charge we can do it for you)


                                 Reach More Customers Through Data Driven Targeting 


Define multiple geographic zones to trigger display
advertising on devinces in those zones!

The Basic Rules For Geofencing Advertising

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