Digital Beat-August 2015

August 2015 – In this issue

What’s New? • Meet the Team • FAQ of the Month • Best Practices

What’s New?

1. Geo-Fencing!

Meet the Team

<DSC_8349-Editopens IMAGE file Ann Langer Making sense of all results and data is just one of the magic tricks that Ann has up her sleeve! She is our in-house wizard at curating the results of past marketing and email campaigns, and making that information make sense to our clients! Ann is a big believer in customer service as the core of everything we do at Data-Dynamix. While she may be a wizard with organizing and presenting data, her hobbies tend to be a little different! She can be found riding ATV’s, trail riding, or practicing photography when she’s not at work!
Do Unto Others as you would have them do unto you.

FAQ of the Month

Q: Sometimes I have trouble viewing the images on my smart phone from an Email Marketing campaign that is deployed by Data-Dynamix while my friend is able to view images on their phone just fine. Why does this happen? A:This largely depends on the screen size of the phone being used. On screens with a higher amount of pixels, most creatives will show up fine in Landscape mode, with some newer phones (like the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy Nexus) showing them fine in portrait mode as well. The only real problem comes in creatives with tiny text inside of an image, as this will generally be unreadable without zooming in. If a creative is being designed for mobile it is important to keep in mind that many smartphones have screens which are 360 pixels wide, which is a little more than half the width of a standard creative. It is best to use large text for important headers and images, and to make the main body text an average size, instead of using small text. Most mobile email clients will size the creative down to the width of the screen by default, so having large clear text will ensure that everything is readable even after resizing and a default mechanism may occur that presents the “Click Here if Having Trouble Viewing this Image” notification. Whereas 4G or phones connected to Wi-Fi networks will be optimized an images will populate the screen effectively.

Best Practices

The online display ecosystem is constantly changing, improving, and growing. Currently, it is worth over $20 Billion. Setting up your own campaigns for success is a must in this fiercely competitive market. You must test 6 aspects of each campaign, and this resource will show you how.

  • Your offering must be the right product/service/promotion at the right time. You must test it against the offering of your competitors.
  • The content and attractiveness of your ads is very important. Colors, messaging, designs, file types – you need to test all of them.
  • Your landing page or website must also be optimized for a successful campaign.
  • Your target audience must be tested – are you directing your campaign to the right personas in the right locations at the right times?
  • Your placements are critical – which publishers will yield the best success for you campaign?
  • Your tracking and statistics can actually work against you – test which ones improve your ROI.
    This white paper will explain the importance and show you how to test these 6 elements to ensure that each campaign is a successful one.To get your share of the $20 Billion pie – this is a resource you can’t afford to miss.


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