Advertising and Data Use Policy

1Advertising and Data Use Policy

Last modified: Dec. 12, 2019

Digital content and email spam monitoring are used by most Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), Ad Exchanges, and Email Service Providers (ESP’s) to stop controversial content from circulating.  These categories are heavily monitored, and advertising acceptance and data use policy is as follows:

  1. Data Licensing and Use requires a separate in-depth Data Use Agreement that dictates usage:
    1. The entity that licenses the data is solely responsible for upholding all laws regarding data usage.
    2. Data-Dynamix reserves the right to terminate any data license immediately if illegal use is suspected. 
  1. Firearms/Ammunition/Blades ads must be pre-approved:
    1. There may be no image or promotion of the firearm/ammunition displayed in a digital ad, email, or on the destination link containing a price or that allows the consumer to begin the buying process.
    2. While current U.S. law does not allow firearms to be purchased online, the global content monitors are unable to discern this fact with their technology.
  1. Alcohol ads must be pre-approved:
    1. There may not be promotion or pricing of alcohol displayed in a digital ad, email, or on the destination link that allows the consumer to begin the buying process.
    2. Emails that promote an alcohol-sponsored event or mention the consumption of alcohol or feature specials including alcoholic beverages must contain the following disclaimer in the creative: Must be of legal drinking age to purchase or participate. (This rule does NOT apply to online/in-app display advertising.)
  1. Tobacco/Vaping Devices or Fluid/Cannabis may not be sold via online/in-app display or email – no exceptions:
    1. This includes any cannabis-related products, promotions, or events.
  1. Gambling may not be featured via online/in-app display or email. Casino ads must be pre-approved:
    1. Casinos requesting the consumer to specifically gamble may not be featured in a digital ad or email.
      1. Example Promotions NOT allowed are as follows:
        1. “We have the loosest slots in town!”
        2. “Only a $50 buy-in for Texas Hold ‘em!”
      2. Casinos may advertise their amenities without requesting the consumer to come gamble.
        1. Example Promotions that may be submitted for approval follow:
          1. “Come stay with us for only $99 a night!”
          2. “Check out our all-you-can-eat buffet!”
  1. Licensed data may not be used with political advertising or messaging. Political Content requires details about who paid for the ad clearly noted on the ad and includes, but is not limited to: political organizations, political parties, political issue advocacy/fundraising, and individual candidates and politicians.
    1. Some areas in the U.S. are extremely restrictive. Campaigns related to ballot measures and candidates for state and local elections in the following states are strictly prohibited: Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Washington, etc.  The advertiser is responsible for upholding state/local laws and availability may vary at the time of placement.
  1. Medically Sensitive targeting, ads, and campaigns must be pre-approved:
    1. Includes any ads and campaigns for a specific medical ailment or condition, treatment program for a specific condition, a facility that serves patients with specific conditions, a medicine or pharmaceutical product that is used for a specific condition, or a graphic or image that could be considered medically sensitive to a potential patient.
    2. Diagnosis-specific targeting, ads, and campaigns are not accepted:
      1. No condition or diagnosis-specific keywords may be utilized in Search/Keyword campaigns.
      2. No condition or diagnosis-specific websites may be utilized to collect an audience for site retargeting.
    3. Example Scenario – Advertisement for breast cancer treatment center

Acceptable Campaign:

  • Collect a site retargeting audience from a general hospital website
  • Run Search/Keyword using non-condition or diagnosis-specific keywords
  • Geo-Fence a general hospital


Unacceptable Campaign:

  • Collect a site retargeting audience from the breast cancer treatment center web page
  • Run Search/Keyword using breast cancer related key words
  • Geo-Fence a cancer treatment facility
  1. Pornography/Adult Club/Strip Club may not be advertised via online/in-app display or email.
  1. Offensive/Questionable/Illegal Material may not be delivered via online/in-app display or email. If the reasonable person may find the material offensive or it is illegal, it will not be delivered via online/in-app display or email.