Programmatic Display

Discover how we can help you leverage programmatic display campaigns that more than triple usual click-through rates!

Data-Dynamix can combine its data-driven targeting technology with programmatic  advertising tactics to engineer display and retargeting campaigns that can transform the success of your social-media advertising.

Our unique approach leverages our powerful data sets and state-of-the-art targeting technology. The unique combination enables us to execute campaigns that easily outperform traditional display tactics.

How display advertising powers programmatic campaigns

Programmatic advertising campaigns achieve their precise targeting because they can be delivered to devices at any location at anytime. Data-Dynamix can help you build your programmatic campaign, schedule your ads, and track their performance.

Why programmatic campaigns can be extraordinarily effective
The powerful campaigns empower advertisers to deliver ads with unequalled precision. For example, your ads can be triggered to be sent to visitors at an event, such as when they enter a certain shopping location, which can be your store or a competitor’s store, or any other location.

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