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Consumer Foot Traffic Data

With over 23 years of experience providing digital products to large media companies and agencies, we’re now making our unique location-based advertising with mobile IDs available to you.

Data-Dynamix can target consumers at any location and deliver mobile ads wherever they go at any time to their mobile devices.

When a consumer is ready to make a buying decision, you will be able to remind them of the benefits of your product or service.

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Features first-party consumer data powered by mobile device IDs

Now you can receive daily consumer foot traffic data to create precise audiences and skyrocket engagement in mobile ads on all social media platforms, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tic-Tok, and Linkedin.

More than triples ordinary click-through rates

Enables you to power your social display and retargeting ads to unprecedented click rates.

Performance Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied, you can cancel at any time – and keep all of the data.

Provides Competitive insights

Daily customer data includes competitor insights. You’ll not only know when customers visits your store, you’ll know when they visit your competitors.

Empowers point-of-purchase impact

When a consumer is ready to make a buying decision, you’ll be able remind them of your product or service.

It’s Tuesday. Do you know where your customers are?

Find out and skyrocket the success of all of your campaigns.

TEAM Referral Network has been using Data-Dynamix’s Consumer Foot Traffic Data consistently to build our membership of small business owners, entrepreneurs and independent contractors. They consistently hit the mark by driving traffic to our landing pages and website. Their detailed onboarding process made using the monthly reports and data product that comes with the subscription super easy. This has helped us to target our actual customers and has also increased our visibility on social media.

-Kelli C. Holmes, CEO/Founder, TEAM Referral Network

I’ve used Consumer Foot Traffic Data products from Data-Dynamix since February 2021 for a client in the furniture industry, building custom and lookalike audiences. Aside from using Mobile Ad ID data as identifiers, the data visualization dashboard has provided intriguing insights from shoppers at my client’s showroom when compared to the competition. I recommend this subscription service for retailers who need to enhance their first-party data sets.

-Tianna C., Agency

Working with the team at Data-Dynamix since 2019 has been great! Seamless production capabilities coupled with precise audience targeting and A/B testing capabilities has allowed my clients to serve highly targeted promotional emails in over a dozen highly competitive markets across the country. The data team creates the exact type of audience files based on my client’s needs.

-Jorge P., Agency

We had a great experience working with Data-Dynamix for MarTech Outlook Magazine’s edition on Mobile Marketing. Our evaluation panel has shortlisted Data-Dynamix to feature among the “Top 10 MarTech Companies 2021.”

Isi Sanchez, MarTech

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