Case Study: Automotive Targeting

Toyota sold 29 vehicles

using Deterministix™ to drive

196 automotive targeted consumers

to its website and dealership.

Fernando at the midwest Toyota dealership historically struggled to overcome a severe geographic challenge that hindered sales from “the other side of a river,” effectively cutting his auto dealership’s available consumer market in half. He was actively looking for a marketing solution to reach all of the local auto intender market more effectively.

Location-triggered display ads helped the dealership direct buyers right to its lot!

Jackie Sage


The Strategy

Working directly with the automotive dealer, Data-Dynamix targeted location-verified owners of automobiles 2016 and older with a Credit Rating of 650+ and consumers with a 650+ Credit Rating in the troublesome geography on “the other side of the river” to drive new prospective buyers to the automotive retailer’s website and dealership.

We used data-driven targeting to further narrow their targeted audience to auto intenders

Then, we deployed geofences to reach prospective automotive buyers who visited competitors’ lots to make them aware of this dealership’s nearby presence.

The Results

12-Day Promotional Campaign

196 Consumer Visits

29 Sales

15% Conversion –
5x Industry Average!

The Offer
The auto dealer advertised a cash back offering of $1,750 off a Toyota Highlander and $2,250 off a new Rav4 giving them a unique offer to track within the sales process.

The Successes
Influencing 29 sales across a 12-day promotion truly surpassed the mark! This dealer continues to use data-driven targeted online ads with location data to reach recent visitors of their competitors’ lots, and loves geofencing its automotive competitors’ lots to maintain a presence with consumers engaged in buying or servicing a car with their competition.


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