Case Study: Identity Resolution

Southern Florida Institute on Aging

saw a 4x increase in its ad results

using Deterministix™ for its targeting.

South Florida Institute on Aging (SoFIA) recently rebranded its organization and wanted to share its new branding with its past donors while also find new donors in the process.

By applying identity resolution data to the SoFIA list of historic donors a new audience of prospective donors was established for the 2018 brand-awareness and financial donation campaign.  Using data in a post-campaign attribution analysis confirmed significant engagement by established donors, while new prospective donor analysis yielded exposure 116% higher than previous efforts. 

- Account Support and Digital Specialist

The Strategy

Working directly with SoFIA, Data-Dynamix leveraged Specifix to target SoFIA’s past donors as well as new potential donors.

Data-Dynamix used the highly targeted list to deploy SoFIA’s message via web pages and mobile app and within Facebook’s advertising platform.

The Message

Past Donors

Emphasizing the #WeLoveAging theme, previous donors received an announcement that “Impact Broward” has rebranded as the South Florida Institute of Aging (SoFIA).

Prospective Donors

Promoting the concept of “everyone should thrive as they age,” new potential donors were introduced to the SoFIA non-profit brand.

The Results

10-Day Promotional Campaign


146 Prospective New Donor
Website Visits 
67 Previous Donor Website Visits

CTR 4x Industry

This campaign drove 67 past donors to SoFIA’s website and 146 prospective donors. The CTR (click-through-rate) for the ads showed to perform 4x higher than the industry average.

SoFIA is pleased with the volume and quality of website visits that this campaign generated and will use this targeting again in future online display and Facebook advertising initiatives.

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