Case Study: Targeted Display Advertising

Nebrasky Plumbing 

drove 223 highly targeted prospects

to its website using

Targeted Display Advertising

Nebrasky Plumbing was tired of wasting money on targeting the wrong market. They wanted homeowners in the Northeast to see their ads and visit their website – but you can’t choose who will see your display ads, right?  Wrong! Data-Dynamix can display ads to the very households and devices you want!

With an overwhelming majority of impressions served to mobile devices, the client reached busy homeowners (and not renters) on their mobile phones – the platform most often used for seeking home improvement and maintenance services.

- Data-Dynamix Digitial Ad Specialist

The Strategy

Working directly with Nebrasky Plumbing, Data-Dynamix was able to target the households and mobile phones of verified homeowners within their servicing area.

While traditional online targeting tactics typically rely on site content to drive impressions, Data-Dynamix focused on driving impressions based on the individuals (regardless of the sites they viewed). 

By not relying on data-driven targeting, targets did not have to open an email or visit the first to see the client’s online ads – instead, online ads were delivered directly to the devices of those targets. The benefit of targeting display advertising directly to those who may actually have been interested in Nebrasky’s services translated in the results!

The Message

The Results

30-Day Promotional

223 Targeted
Website Visits

.18% CTR
4x Industry Average!

Targeted Display
This campaign drove 223 highly targeted prospects to Nebrasky’s website. The CTR (click-through-rate) for the ads performed 4x higher than the industry average.

Nebrasky Plumbing is pleased with the results, and the client loves the idea of reaching potential customers instead of wasting marketing dollars on random individuals.


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