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What’s New?

Our E-book is in Final Editing! Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.57.52 AMopens IMAGE file Next month, we will be launching our FREE E-book to help our clients better understand the Digital Marketing Machine as we have learned it and teach it. Here is an introduction to what you’ll be seeing: Happy campaigning! Anyone who tells you that a single advertising impression is going to generate sales is lying to you. Successful coordinated advertising campaigns in the 1980’s included Radio, Newspaper, TV, and billboards. Approaches to advertising have evolved considerably over the last 20 years as the digital age has ushered in dozens of methods of delivering an offer. Digital channels including Email, retargeting, display, search, pay-per-click, adwords, and geofencing are areas that Data-Dynamix operates within to fulfill comprehensive and effective digital marketing campaigns. Just like successful traditional campaigns, an effective digital marketing campaign requires significant work prior to diving into the marketing pool and thorough analysis of client’s digital presence is necessary. Every day, online, we are all pounded with information about different products and services, and frankly, most of it is a blur. For a company to get ahead of that blur, they must offer a repeated message and inspire deep engagement with consumers. They must offer something of value; a solution to a problem. For example, Coca-Cola solves the problem of thirst. It does a really good job of marketing and branding. It utilizes consistency and repetition in its message. For small business owners, it’s challenging to be consistent and reliable in the message they’re putting out, because they don’t have quite the marketing budget, nor the decades of branding experience, that Coca-Cola has. That’s why small businesses need a marketing ally to help them create powerful consistency and effective, yet economical, marketing. This ebook is your ally to help you master the Digital Marketing Machine. We’ll start with the basics, and then we’ll delve into the nuances of marketing in this, the digital age. And as we go, we’ll offer plenty of tips and insider perspective from a company that’s been working in the trenches of effective digital marketing now for 7 years. This ebook provides a guide for marketers to follow in examining foundations of a digital presence, identifying proper channels to utilize, making sure messages stay in front of a customers, and analyzing return on investment. At the end of the day how a client perceives a digital campaign will determine whether or not it was successful. Offering something of value to the consumer in the world of marketing can go far. Today’s most successful online companies move past the typical approach of couponing or BUY NOW messages. They treat their prospective clients as future long term relationships. They manage their reputation, they give valuable information, they generate trust. This month we want you, our consumers and customers, to learn more about how the Digital Marketing Machine can be applied to small businesses, we want to introduce how to build a long term relationship with your customers and we want this book to be your new “marketing ally” to help you set up your own Digital Marketing Machine. As young children, we learned our basic core lessons from stories and the adventures of the written words of our favorite characters. We learned the value of reading. Today, we can still learn lessons to help shape our futures. “The more that you read, the more things you will now. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go” –Dr. Seuss, I Can Read with My Eyes Shut! It’s not out just yet, but its coming along great and we are excited to raise your anticipation… this book is something worth the wait.

Meet the Team

DSC_3561opens IMAGE file Brendon Brigham Meet Brendon (Pictured Left) has a love all things fast, and that’s why he’s such a great fit at Data-Dynamix. He loves seeing the fast, deliverable responses we give our clients through digital marketing campaigns. Although, he admits that sometimes his brain is moving so fast, that his fingers can’t keep up! While at work he thinks and moves fast, he likes to slow down at home. He enjoys spending as much time as he can with his wife and daughters. Brendon also finds enjoyment out of some slower-paced hobbies like fishing, camping, hiking, and ice-fishing. “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen.” -Michael Jordan


FAQ of the Month

Question: An advertiser reviewed the Google analytics report associated with their email marketing campaign and disputes some of the results that were in the broadcast report that was provided. They claim that many of the IP addresses associated with the email addresses were outside of their specified geography. What gives?
Answer: IP addresses cannot be used to determine precise location 100% of the time. According to DNS Stuff, a Massachusetts-based DNS and networking tools firm, they are only accurate 50-80% of the time when it comes to cities. This issue has to do with “geo-location” which, in general, is the practice of determining the physical, real world location of a person, device or subject matter using digital information processed through the Internet or other electronic means of communication. Determining the nation of an Internet user based on his or her IP address is relatively simple and accurate (95%-99% percent) because a country name is required information when an IP range is allocated and IP registrars supply that information for free. Determining the physical location down to a city or ZIP code, however, is more difficult and less accurate because there is no official source for the information, users sometimes share IP addresses and Internet service providers often base IP addresses in a city where the company is basing operations. Even when not accurate, though, geo-location can place users in a bordering or nearby city, which may be good enough for the entity seeking the information. This happens because a common method for geo-locating a device is referencing its IP address against similar IP addresses with already known locations.


Best Practices

What does Consumer interaction with email look like in Google Analytics(GA)?

  • 1. Traffic directly related to our blasts will be visible under any of the following domains in the Referral List:
    • ABC / (not set) – 3 letter abbreviation of your company with a slash and the words “not set” in parenthesis.
  • 2. GA registers Consumer/User interaction by using java script and cookie placement to log important details about the User.
    Important: If the script does not have time to fire due to any interruption, such as the user clicking away quickly, the user’s computer blocking the script or cookie, server connection speed, internet speed, GA will NOT register the interaction between the email and the User. The script must completely run to register any detail about the interaction within GA, even as simple as registering the beginning of a Session.
  • 3. GA keeps track of Sessions and New Users that visit the End Client’s website when analytics are properly set up on the website. Driving New Users to an End Client’s website is the largest value associated with our email program.
    Important: A single Session registers when a User interacts with the website for X number seconds. That User’s Session will continue regardless of the number of times they click around the website or visits the website within the first 30 minutes the initial Session with the site begins.
  • 4. UTM_medium Tracking Code: Savvy users of GA may set up UTM codes to keep track of interaction with a particular link that can be set up to roll up to a particular Channel.The GA Master (may be with the End Client or a member of their Agency) can name the Channel however they’d like to follow the advertising medium.Important: UTM_medium code works like a simple re-direct link (like an invisible landing page) placed in front of each end destination link and is very similar to what we use to count Clicks


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