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June 2015 – In this issue

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What’s New?

1. Geo-Fencing! The digital landscape is always introducing new tactics for reaching new and current customers and we’re really excited about a new tactic now available on our programmatic platform: Geo-fencing. Geo-fencing is the most advanced location based mobile advertising technology powered by latitude and longitude data to target specific geographic areas with a component of variable recency (e.g. reach people for X, Y, or Z days after passing through a zone, up to 30 days). Data-Dynamix’s Geo-Fencing product enables customized targeting shapes and sizes into areas as small as 100 meters x 100 meters. We support bulk uploads of shape data files including GeoJSON which includes: political and school districts, street and highway boundaries, municipalities etc. and can also design custom zones based on your needs. Business categories that we feel can benefit from adding Geo-Fencing to their advertising mix includes:

  • Auto dealerships
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Travel
  • Political
  • Colleges
  • Entertainment Venues

Here’s just a few of the different ways that geo-fencing can be used:

  • Retarget customers who have visited your location
  • Target customers who have visited your competitors location(s)
  • Leverage targeted campaigns only to customers within a predetermined physical proximity to your business.

Please reach out for a demo and to see firsthand how to leverage this great new tactic for your future campaigns. 2. Subject Line! Want to improve your subject line effectiveness? Try an EffectCheck with your next Campaign.. We have integrated EffectCheck to help our clients reach the right emotions from their prospective clients.Talk to your Client Services Rep to learn more! More about EffectCheck: The emotions you evoke can have powerful effects on your audience. The wrong word choice can turn your audience against you, without your intent or awareness. The right word choice can increase sales, drive traffic, or start a movement. Built on four decades of psychological research and an expert-curated dictionary of over one million phrase relationships, EffectCheck goes beyond simple “positive” and “negative” analysis, enabling you to gauge six fundamental emotions. Whether your goal is to inspire, motivate, or in some other way impact your audience, EffectCheck can help you deliver the perfect message.Read More EffectCheck is a fully functional emotion-aware content editor. Our clients have access to a powerful set of features including:

  • Measuring the emotional impact of your document
  • Analyzing likely response for your specific audience
  • Understanding how your words score across various emotions
  • Finding emotional synonyms for each word

Here is the sample from one of our recent campaigns: Subject Line: Love Subaru this Memorial Day Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.49.17 AMopens IMAGE file

Meet the Team

DSC_8237-Edit Rob Holdaway VP Of Sales(pictured left) Rob loved Data-Dynamix so much as a client that he decided to come work for us! Yes, it’s true. Rob has been around the Data-Dynamix world for close to a decade and now applies his expertise to our sales team. Rob has an extensive background in direct response marketing, sales, and growing businesses with a number of companies in Colorado. Rob is also a die-hard foodie and loves to try new restaurants and recipes with his two kids. He even has a line of gourmet sauces that he has created and perfected over the years! “Today will be nothing like tomorrow.” -Rob Holdaway

FAQ of the Month

FAQ of the Month Question: Can you tell us who at Data-Dynamix would be best to contact for specific requests? Answer: The request for more specific information on our individual team members is a very popular question among clients. Let’s make this as easy as possible to help clear up any confusion. Our Company is divided into 5 teams.

  • Our first team is Client Services, led by Brian Tellinghuisen. Not only is he the VP of Client services but he is also in charge of counts, orders, reports and invoices. Client Services is further broken down into the Counts Team, Orders Team, Reports Team and Invoice Team.
    • The Counts team account executives are : Kim LeTourneau, Jeff Pruett and Claire Kadlecek.
    • The Orders team account executives are : Carley Dervin, Jackie Sage, and Brendon Brigham.
    • The Reports team account reps are : Ann Langer and Lesli Rawls. Ann is known as our Report Wizard and is also in charge of the Campaign Sample Library.
    • The Invoice Team account rep is Lesli Rawls.
  • Our second team is our Brokerage team. Michelle Chavez is responsible for all our Direct Mail clients and orders
  • Our third team is Sales, Marketing and Sales Training, Led by our VP of Sales, Rob Holdaway. Jude Fontenot runs our Sales Training program under Rob’s direction. Contact Rob or Jude if you have any questions how to sell a particular campaign or vertical
  • Our fourth team is our Programmatic Media team. Jeff Pugel our Director of Media who performs all our customer programmatic display, banner, social and video media buys.
  • Our final team are our Executives, CEO Kevin Layton and Founder and President, Brent Fankhauser. Any questions of pricing or contracts should be directed to them. Jaymie Tuttle is our Senior Accounting Manager and Margaret Fontenot is our bookkeeper.

We hope we have answered some of your question this month and cleared up some confusion about who to contact for what specific needs. We highly encourage everyone to visit our “Meet the Team” page under our “About us” Tab and take the time to read about each of our co-workers here at Data-Dynamix Inc.

Best Practices

Best Practices There is never enough answers for questions but this month we have featured an answer to one of many of our received Questions. Question: How should an Email image be constructed? Answer: Attached along with this answer is detailing guidelines for HTML development and notes on points to highlight when speaking to effective email creatives. File weight: 70k or less Dimensions: 640×480 Content: 2:1 or 3:1 graphics to text ratio – limit text and minimize paragraphs as this information can be accessed on the advertiser website Programs: Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression Web Don’ts

  • Do NOT use Cascading Stylesheets (CSS)
  • Do NOT use background images
  • Do NOT use Div tags
  • Do NOT use Javascript, PHP, XML, or ASP for coding email creatives
  • Do NOT include video files


  • use HTML or Inline Style sheets for coding
  • JPEG compression is best for photographs
  • include links to independently hosted videos
  • 8-10 links embedded in HTML creative
  • use links to videos and Social Media accounts Information on the Size of your Creative:

The width of your email should be around 600 pixels wide, but should not exceed 750 pixels wide. Even though monitors are getting wider, most email clients have panes surrounding the email, reducing the viewable area, and you never want anyone to have to horizontally scroll to view an email. This also helps make emails accessible for mobile phones, considering a phone screen runs between 360-720 pixels wide for the most part. Height can be between 400 and 1200 pixels depending on the information within but never more than 1700 pixels. With that said, an optimal size for an email is 640×480. File size should be kept to a minimum. 70K is acceptable as long as images are optimized correctly. JPEG compression is best for photographs. GIF Compression is preferred when optimizing solid filled objects. Information about Special Characters: All special characters must be hardcoded in the email. For example, © needs to be input as © note that many HTML programs will leave special characters as they are if copied from another program, so things like apostrophes copied from Word will also need to be coded. If you can follow these guidelines, your emails will have a much better chance of appearing correctly.


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