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May 2015 – In this issue

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What’s New


We’re really excited to announce a new product offering that many of our clients have been asking about over the last several months:  retargeting. Retargeting gets your advertising message in front of users who have already opened or clicked on your e-mail by displaying your ad as they visit other websites and allowing you to continue the conversation with them Leveraging the impact of e-mail, retargeting extends the presence and impact of your campaigns in the marketplace, leading to higher conversion rates and greater ROI. We’ve all talked about the customer that got away, here’s a way to keep in touch with them. Did you know:

  • Roughly 98% of consumers will leave a website without converting after clicking on your e-mail
  • On average, only 8% of customers return to a site to buy if the company does no retargeting – but jumps to 26% with retargeting

In surveys, 87% of digital marketers indicated that retargeting is important to their overall marketing strategy and often performs better than other forms of online advertising, helping to driving incremental conversions. It makes sense, a user has already shown interest in your message and is more receptive to hearing from you.

Meet the Team

DSC_3561opens IMAGE file Jude Fontenot Director of Sales Training & Development & Data Guru (pictured left) Combining the vision for growth with a passion for results, Jude is integral in telling the world about Data-Dynamix and the power of digital marketing. As Director of Sales Training & Development he not only meets with prospective and new clients, but also oversees the training managers, coordinators, and service teams. Jude attended Colorado State University for Literature, yet his attendance never stopped his love for skiing, softball, and other outdoors activities. His passion for outdoor activities extends out to watching sports, and his love for his family and friends!

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” –Albert Einstein

FAQ of the Month

How are you seeing mobile email driving your clients’ usage? Answer: As the number of smartphones continues to grow, e-mail usage on mobile phones is also soaring and has become main stream in the U.S. Mobile phone and smartphone e-mail usage jumped 36% 2011, equating to 70.1 million mobile users used e-mail at least once in a month. Meanwhile, the number of people who used e-mail almost every day increased by 40%. Findings refer to both e-mail accessed through a browser or through an application such as Exchange on a mobile phone or smartphone. The findings did not include laptops or tablets. Mobile e-mail has reached about 78% of the smartphone population. Users between 25 and 34 years old were 60% more likely to access mobile e-mail than the average user, while those between 18 and 24 were 46% more likely to do so. Men were 14% more likely than women to use email on smart phones. Furthermore, customers increasingly need [e-mail and related contact functions] not just on one device but two or more devices, like a BlackBerry, iPad or pc. Business users with mobile devices should be able to replicate the key features of a desktop e-mail experience, including e-mail synchronization, scheduling and accepting calendar invites, and the ability to access contact information from both the mobile contacts list and desktop address list. Further, the mobile surge is accelerating. With near field communication (NFC) devices coming into the mainstream over the next year, and companies like Square changing the point-of-sale options, our phones are going to become the consumer’s wallet and the retailer’s storefront. Based on such marketplace currents, the International Data Corporation has predicted a compound annual growth rate of 16.6 percent for mobile Internet use, with mobile Internet traffic eclipsing PCs and wire-line devices by 2015. Mobile devices will continue to provide the richest, most fully featured experiences and we’ll see the gap continue to grow. Conclusion: We see users receive email on many different platforms which in turn makes email an amazing sales delivery option, one message on two devices or three or four, the chances to be in front of a customer is huge.

Best Practices

Questions are sometimes posed to our staff on how to read/ interpret the results? There is confusion even after an explanation of the report is given. Basically they are questioning why a good result isn’t leading to an immediate ring of the cash register. ANSWERS: Currently we do not have collateral explaining how to interpret broadcast results from email deployments because it is pretty straight forward – Total quantity of emails deployed, # of Emails opened, # of clicks to links embedded in the email, and an itemized breakdown of clicks to each link embedded in the HTML creative…. Along with all of the information that goes into aligning the campaign – From & Subject line, demographics, behaviors/interests, etc… Comments regarding “an immediate ring of the cash register” are understandable because advertisers will very often expect “x” number of leads, new sales or new customers within days of an email blast going out. However this just isn’t a realistic way to approach Email marketing (or any form of marketing at that) . . . Marketing is a marathon and not a sprint. Purchase cycles need to be taken into consideration. For example, people don’t run out to buy a new car within days of receiving a promotional email… They use that information to further develop their research in order to make a more informed decision. Furthermore, how Email marketing fits into an advertiser’s overall marketing strategy needs to be considered. If clients are looking for ways of tracking ROI from email (along with other advertisements) we recommend the advertiser attach simple UTM codes to URLs that are linked to creatives thus allowing the advertiser to track leads generated from Email all the way to purchases. Another way to verify sales deriving from Email campaigns is to perform a “match-back” post email blast. This is where an advertiser’s sales list can be aligned with a distribution file of emails post-blast to confirm which sales originated from an Email campaign. This is something that Data-Dynamix does often. There is a $200 charge for this service and requires a notification to hold the distribution file when the order is submitted or else the file may be discarded during monthly maintenance.


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