Identity Resolution

Identity Resolution with Deterministix

Data-Dynamix is the exclusive provider of the Deterministix™ data platform. Deterministix enables advertisers to target IP addresses and device IDs of consumers based on their location-verified home addresses – graphed against one of the most comprehensive demographic datasets in the industry.

We have graphed data on over 240 million US adults, matching verified offline data to confirmed online data. Our sophisticated identity resolution technology provides cross-channel marketing capabilities unlike any before. How do we do it?

All Data, No Cookies

By leveraging data, not cookies, we can reliably deliver messaging to target consumers’ online devices. That data includes individual device IDs and IP addresses, and is matched to our repository of offline consumer data, including demographics and physical home addresses. And, then we add opted-in email addresses too!

Lookalike Marketing

We can match your customer database against our own to reveal the specific demographic trends and profiles that comprise your market. And then… we can help you identify more prospects just like them.

Email-to-Device Matching

We can even take your own email lists and graph them against our dataset, returning device information that enables accurate retargeting campaigns, without ever having to draw your audience to your site.

Better Identity Resolutions Means Better Delivery

And better delivery means more conversions. In some cases our clients have recorded impressions and click-throughs more than triple the industry average. Identity Resolution technology is the best way to date to get your message to those who are most interested.

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Case Study

Find out how one non-profit used identity resolution to create a list of prospective new donors!

I Already Use an Onboarder — Why Should I Consider Deterministix Identity Resolution?




Common Platforms


Reach Beyond Your Supplied Lists

License includes access to all 240,000,000+ U.S. adults and 70,000,000+ business  contacts.

Match Beyond Mobile IDs

Don’t miss impression opportunities: Expand beyond limited reach with Matched-and-Ready-to-Go IP Addresses/Mobile Device IDs/Emails.

Current Customer List Matched to IP Addresses and Mobile IDs in One Platform

License includes IP Addresses and Mobile Device IDs for current customers.

The data is shared directly with you and is portable for use with your favorite DSP(s) or social platforms.

Prospective Target Consumers Without Purchasing a Separate List

No need to purchase a separate expensive list for new customer acquisition!

License includes IP Addresses and Mobile Device IDs for prospective target consumers.  The data is shared directly with you and is portable for use with your favorite DSP(s) or social platforms.

Deterministic Audience Segmentation

Robust Deterministic Taxonomy includes hundreds of segments that can be used with current and prospective consumer sets for proper audience targeting.

Version Online and Social Ads or Suppress Current Customers

Target and version online and social ads by current and prospective consumer audience segments.  Use it to suppress current customers.


Since the data is shared directly with you, it can be used in conjunction with your DSP reporting for post-campaign attribution analysis.

Full Service including Media

No need to “Search for a Partner”!

Full-service current customer and prospective consumer IP Address/Mobile Device ID/Email Targeting including Media and post-campaign attribution.