Digital Beat - March 2015

Digital Beat – March 2015

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What’s New? • Meet the Team • FAQ of the Month • Best Practices


What’s New

Website Launch

Data-Dynamix is proud to announce the launch of our recently designed new look and new resources.  As leaders in digital marketing, we understand the importance of staying relevant with a well-designed logo, website, and other digital tools.  Therefore, we have spent countless hours rebranding our look, redesigning our logo and website, and revamping our social media and newsletters.  The result is amazing and you’re gonna love it!

The Data-Dynamix website has had a complete facelift.  It now houses a number of new features including links to our social media, our blog, listed resources, videos, and more.  We also have complete descriptions of all of our service offerings, which give you a basic understanding of all of your options.  Also featured are biographies and pictures of our team.  You can now easily put a face with the name of the people you are working with.  Since we work with people all over the world, we’re excited to have these visuals available.  Huge kudos to Andrea Flanagan and Valerie Morris for the amazing headshots!

Meet the Team

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This month our featured team member is Brian Tellinghuisen – VP and Director of Client Services.  Brian started with Data-Dynamix in 2003 and was the first to follow Brent into this amazing business. Brian puts only the deepest attention to detail and passion for customer service into each marketing campaign. He has a degree from South Dakota State University in Journalism and Advertising, and previously worked in marketing for the mobile industry. Brian knows what consumers need and how to deliver that for our clients! The passion and attention to detail that he brings to our marketing campaigns, is also mirrored in his personal hobbies. He is currently teaching himself classical guitar, creates miniature sculptures and furniture, and loves gardening. Brian’s favorite quote: “It’s only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth – and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up – that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had.” – Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

FAQ of the Month

Question: What is the average open rate or CTR rate?
Answer: Nationally open and click rates for email campaigns from third-party databases will yield 8-10% and .5-1% respectively. Data-Dynamix campaigns regularly yield 10-15% open and 1.5-3% click rates so this campaign look good . . . Higher than most third-party Email platforms and within the range of results we usually deliver.
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Best Practices


  • The subject line is the most important sentence in the entire email campaign. It should be 50 characters or less including spaces. ​
  • Great words to use include, “You, New, Exciting, Exclusive, Introducing, Company Name, and an Incentive Offer”. ​
  • To lower spam detection, refrain from using words such as, “We offer, Can sell, Great sale”. Marketing phrases should be avoided and never use ALL CAPS.​
  • In your email subject, do not: ​
    • Say “Hi”​
    • Be wordy​
    • Be vague or general
  • To compose the perfect email subject: ​
    • Provide the message’s bottom line. 
    • Summarize the message — why you are writing and what you want to be different after the recipient has read your email — instead of describing it. ​
    • Be precise. ​
    • Include detail that allows the recipient to identify what you are talking about quickly and unambiguously. ​
    • If your message requires the recipient’s action, say so.​
    • Leave out unnecessary words. ​
    • If the action associated with your message includes a date or deadline, include it in the email subject. ​
    • Email subjects need to be concise. Skip articles, adjectives and adverbs.
  •  For more help with Subject lines, look for our Subject Line analyzer coming in the month of March!  Watch for the announcement on our Press Release Page.



The Data-Dynamix Digital Beat comes out every month!  This is your opportunity to have exclusive information, tips, and news come straight from our experts.  This is an incredible resource to our partners and clients.  Sign up for the Digital Beat here to get in on the action.

While Data-Dynamix may have a fresh new do, we’re still the same great company.  Our commitment to customer service and client success is the same, if not stronger than before.  Our unique and customized data is constantly growing and updating to be current and relevant.  Our service offerings are constantly growing to meet the demands of digital marketing today.  We are YOUR partners in navigating the digital marketing world to bring you growth and success!

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