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Now, Data-Dynamix Levels the Playing Field for Smaller Social Media Marketing Agencies and Clients

Location-Based Advertising

With over 23 years of providing digital products to large media companies and agencies, we’re making our unique location-based advertising with mobile IDs available to you.

Data-Dynamix can capture consumers at any location and deliver mobile ads wherever they go. Because they take their mobile phones wherever they go. 

So just when a consumer is ready to make a buying decision, you be able to remind them to consider the benefits of your product. 

Features first-party consumer data powered by mobile IDS 

Now, you can get daily consumer location data continually to create exact audiences and improved engagement for mobile ads on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and all other social-media platforms. 

Delivers match rates on Facebook as high as 70%

You can improve your social media marketing with audience data that achieves match rates on Facebook as high as 70%


More than triples ordinary click-through rates

Enables you to power your social display and retargeting ads to unprecedented click rates.

Performance Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied, you can cancel at any time – and keep the data.

So contact us now. 

Provides Competitive Insights

The daily customer data includes competitive insights. You’ll not only know when customers visit your store, you’ll know when they visit your competitors.

Empowers point-of-purchase impact

When consumers are ready to make a buying decision, you’ll be able to deliver an ad that invites them to think of buying your product. 

Complies with the latest data privacy laws

The location-based data meets the requirements of all current US and international privacy regulations.

It’s Tuesday. Do you know where your customers are?

Find out and skyrocket the success of your social-media marketing.


Don’t delay. Remember, you can cancel any time and keep the data!