Location Listening is Here!

All for less than one cup of coffee a day!

Get Pre COVID-19 Data – Up to 12 Months in the Past

Location Listening from Data-Dynamix

What’s Needed To Get Started:

Your desired locations – business names and addresses… THAT’S IT!

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Location Listening

Capture Current and/or Potential Customer’s Traffic Data Daily at Any Location


Gain Insight

  • View traffic levels at your locations, your competitors’ locations, any location of interest
  • Compare traffic at any location by date, day of week or hour
  • View who visits a location most often
  • Compare visitors over time, hour over hour, day over day, month over month, quarter over quarter, and year over year
  • Compare promotional day traffic – see who’s busier

All in Interactive Reports!


 Gather Data Daily

Use this fully licensed and privacy compliant data to market via:

– Facebook and Instagram        –Display Advertising Platforms

-Competitors’ Customers             –Unlimited Possibilities!