Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Data-Dynamix specializes in permission-based targeted email marketing that delivers real results. Email experts work with you to help define your message and your audience, and in turn, reach and surpass your conversion goals. All email campaigns are based on high-quality, trusted data, driven by our data-brokerage lists and our identity resolution technology.

Data-Dynamix email marketing services are designed to help you reach your prospective customers by applying targeted demographics and strategic filters. The Data-Dynamix proprietary email delivery system is secure, compliant and based on adynamic database of opt-in records for both business and consumer marketing.

Clean Data and Analytics

• Detailed lifestyle, interest, behavioral, and psychographic information applied to each record
• Extensive email verification and opt-in processes
• Data refreshed and appended weekly
• Database deconstructed and reconstructed every 90 days
• 100% CAN-SPAM compliant
• Reach highly targeted, specific, “intenders” — those consumers who are ready to buy

Email marketing provides you an opportunity to generate new and repeat business efficiently and affordably. We maintain a database with over 200 million qualified consumers.

What If You Could Reach the Email Address of a Household Address?

With Data-Dynamix’ cutting-edge Deterministix™ solution, you can match your direct mail list to our graphed digital database and deliver a campaign to the email addresses corresponding to the physical home addresses of your own marketing list. Imagine being able to reach the inboxes of targets of your own postal campaigns!

With the Determinix data solution, the possibilities truly are endless.

Success is Assured!

Data-Dynamix offers a performance guarantee of a minimum open rate of 8% or a click rate of 1% – if not met, the campaign will be delivered again at no charge.