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Retargeting is a strategic way to reach those who previously view your emails, but don’t convert on the first campaign. The Ad-Catalyst retargeting process filters those who have shown enough interest in your first campaign to specifically target for future campaigns. Retargeting also allows you to continue to deliver banner impressions to engaged consumers, while increasing frequency of the ad and the chance for conversion. Why not remind consumers of their initial interest, and create a second chance to attract an inquiry or sale? Email retargeting allows you to do just that!

Your email campaigns successfully reach thousands of targeted consumers that convert into leads and sales. In todays marketplace, the Consumer Journey often involves visits to multiple websites researching a product or service before they buy. Ad-Catalyst email retargeting delivers banner impressions to the consumers who opened the original email marketing message on nearly any website the consumer visits reminding them of your original marketing message and brand.

Conversions happen after consumers trust you and feel a want or a need for your offering. Retargeting allows you to continue to deliver banner impressions to engaged consumers increasing messaging and the chance for conversion. Why not remind them of their initial interest, and create a second chance to attract an inquiry or sale? Utilize Ad-Catalyst Retargeting to deliver a special ad designed to reflect their interest, or by offering a special discount or sale price on a particular product or service they viewed.

• Capture Visitors: The majority of conversions happen after several impressions. People that open your email campaign can become customers with proper follow up. Email Retargeting can capture the prospects that showed an interest, and then market specifically to them.

• Target Market: You only show ads to the consumers that have already expressed interest in your product or service by opening your email campaign.

• Control Messaging: Ads can refer to what the consumer was interacting with in your delivered email. Ban.ner ads connected to the original email message compel consumers to go to your site and make a purchase.

• Repetition: Consumer spend about 8.3% of their time online checking email. By adding retargeting your message has a 91.7% chance capitalize on their other web activity. Your ads will stay in front of consumers for as long as you choose.

• Be the leader in your field.