Email Marketing

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EMAIL Marketing

Data-Dynamix specializes in permission-based, targeted email marketing campaigns that deliver real RESULTS! Our email experts come alongside you to help you reach your marketing goals by defining your distinct message with your audience. We then translate that to the ever-changing world of email communications. Our email marketing services are then designed to help you reach your prospective clients through targeted demographics and strategic filters. Our distinctive email delivery system is secure and based on responsive databases of opt-in records for both business and consumer markets. Capture qualified leads with Data-Dynamix email marketing to grow your business today!


  • Proprietary data built over years of experience
  • Tested delivery rates.
  • DMA Guideline and CAN-SPAM compliant
  • Filtered demographic, behavioral, and geographic filters for an average of 120+ categories.
  • 200M+ Double opt-in subscribers
  • Real-time tracking of email campaigns
  • Regularly updated database (every 60-90 days) to ensure high quality and high quantity response rate



Go Digital! Email Marketing

With no printing or postage costs, email marketing gives you an opportunity to generate new and repeat business affordably. We maintain a database with over 200 million names of people who want to receive promotional emails, and can help you execute the full cycle of an email campaign. We can:

  • Craft a list of Email addresses of targeted consumers who would be interested in your message,
  • Create a richly formatted email that will invite recipients to respond,
  • dynamically deliver the message to your list, and
  • Provide detailed analysis of your responses.

Email campaigns offer real-time data on their successfulness. Our email campaigns include statistics connecting who opened a message and who responded to it to aggregated demographic attributes from our source lists.

All lists are “Opt-in Confirmed” and are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant — we assume all responsibility for the compliance of our lists.