Location Listening

Location Listening

Daily Privacy-Compliant Mobile Device ID Data Feed

Data-Dynamix can provide a daily report of mobile device IDs that have intersected with as many different geographic zones as you like. Subscribe to this feed to receive up-to-date device data, enabling social in-app advertising with utmost recency. 

Location listening feeds include the following data:

Field Description
Device ID Mobile Ad ID (“MAID”) to use in targeted display
Latitude Numeric geographic coordinate value
Longitude Numeric geographic coordinate value
ID Type Short code indicating nature of device
Date Timestamp device was located
Place ID Identifier to use to refer to a precise location
Name Name of your geographic zone

What’s needed to get started:

  • Your location name and full addresses
  • Your desired recipient(s) of the daily feed

What’s included:

  • License to use the Mobile Device IDs
  • Location targeting zone setup with daily Mobile Device ID feed
  • 30 days of historical data to get you started

What’s not included:

  • Personal Identifying Information (PII) about the consumer
  • Ads/Media – create your own custom social media audiences and/or place programmatic ads

Use Cases:

  • Venue Targeting
  • Attribution Zones
  • Custom Mobile Geofencing
  • Social & Programmatic Custom Audiences
  • Competitive In Depth Analysis

 Reach More Customers Through Data Driven Targeting 

Define up to 30 locations, and receive daily reports containing targetable mobile IDs of devices entering those locations!

What I Can I Do with Device IDs?

Mobile Device IDs enable advertisers to deliver in-app and in-browser display campaigns directly to those devices. With a daily list of devices entering specific locations, you can reach consumers who have physically visited places as recently as the day before!

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