Location Listening

Consumer Foot-Traffic Data

Daily Mobile Device ID Data Feed

Data-Dynamix can provide a daily report of mobile device IDs that have intersected with as many different geographic zones as you like. Subscribe to this feed to receive up-to-date device data, enabling social in-app advertising with utmost recency. 

Gain Insight

  • View traffic levels at your locations, your competitors’ locations, any location of interest
  • Compare traffic at any location by date, day of week or hour
  • View who visits a location most often
  • Compare visitors over time, hour over hour, day over day, month over month, quarter over quarter, and year over year
  • Compare promotional day traffic – see who’s busier

What’s needed to get started:

  • Your location name and full addresses
  • Your desired recipient(s) of the daily feed

What’s included:

  • License to use the Mobile Device IDs
  • Location targeting zone setup with daily Mobile Device ID feed
  • 12 months of historical data to get you started

What’s not included:

  • Personal Identifying Information (PII) about the consumer
  • Ads/Media – create your own custom social media audiences and/or place programmatic ads

 Reach More Customers Through Data Driven Targeting 

Designate unlimited amount of locations, and receive daily reports containing targetable mobile IDs of devices entering those locations!

What I Can I Do with Device IDs?

Mobile Device IDs enable advertisers to deliver in-app and in-browser display campaigns directly to those devices. With a daily list of devices entering specific locations, you can reach consumers who have physically visited places as recently as the day before!

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