Programmatic Display Advertising

Programmatic Display Advertising

Leveraging current targeting technology with location listening data and our powerful data set, Data-Dynamix can engineer display and retargeting display advertising campaigns that more than triple typical display campaign click-through rates!

By combining data-driven targeting technology with programmatic online advertising tactics, display campaigns executed by Data-Dynamix easily out-perform campaigns delivered with traditional display advertising methods.  

Data-Dynamix targeting experts can help you make sense of the many options available for delivering a successful series of campaigns. Be it in-app mobile advertising, IP address targeting, retail foot traffic analysis and targeting, location listening, display ad targeting, search keyword targeting, content, contextual or simple banner ads. Data-Dynamix is at its best working with you to build and deploy the right display campaign and supporting you when it’s time to make sense of the generated website traffic. 

Geofencing Experts

Programmatic campaigns are capable of delivering in-app and in-browser display ads only to devices within certain coordinates, or “geofences.” This approach can be extremely effective, enabling advertisers to deliver ads to visitors to a certain event, trigger ads when visitors enter a certain shopping location or many more approaches. 

Data-Dynamix can help you build your geofence, schedule your ad and track its performance. 

Case Study

Learn how one advertiser leveraged targeted programmatic to reach certain homeowners! 

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