IP Address Targeting

IP Address Targeting

Delivering Your Message Across Multiple Platforms

Cross-Channel Marketing allows you to reach the right audience multiple times in multiple ways. Our proprietary solutions allow you to combine Identity Resolution Data with our tested digital channels for a 100% personalized advertising experience.

IP Addresses

Using our unique technology, we have tied an individual’s household address to a unique IP address with the purpose of delivering targeted marketing messages. This means we can deliver an ad via a mobile device, table, PC, laptop or connected television.

This combination of offline data to online data creates that individual experience of really reaching all devices in a household and truly spreading targeted marketing messages.

And we have done this for virtually all households in the U.S., meaning matching has been performed and the data is ready for application.

The reality is that data and technology are improving daily so our options for cross-channel advertising improve and innovate daily. You can trust that we are on the forefront of the latest in digital advertising.