IP Addresses

IP Address Targeting

With Data-Dynamix’s programmatic targeting technology, advertisers can now control which demographics and locations will see their online ads.

Deterministix enables advertisers to digitally reach the households of their target audience, just like with direct mail. No cookies or re-targeting required – the Deterministix data set has digital IP addresses of consumers graphed across marketing data of over 240 million U.S. households, enabling programmatic advertisers to display campaigns directly to the computers, devices, offices, and households of their target audience.  

Choose Who Sees Your Ads!

IP address targeting technology enables advertisers to create display campaigns that do more than raise their brand, but place their brand directly in front of the prospective buyers they seek. That means more clicks, not just impressions. 

Programmatic campaigns targeting IP addresseses obtained from the Deterministix data set average nearly three times more click-throughs than typical display campaigns. Try a campaign with Deterministix to see for yourself!

Cookie-Free Programmatic Targeting

No capturing data with cookies required! Traditional targeted display advertising relies on web browsers and the cookies that represent the trails of consumers’ browsing activity. Cookie-based targeting doesn’t account for most in-app advertising, and more browsers are limiting the reach of cookies each day.  

If you are interested in gaining sales, not just impressions, from your online campaigns, contact us to learn more about the easiest way to reach your targets today. The results are real!

Case Study

Automotive TargetingOur 12-day targeted display campaign drove 196 prospective buyers and influenced 29 vehicle sales!

IP-ID Targeting 101

Learn more about the technology behind Data-Dynamix’s powerful programmatic targeting solution!