10 Surprising Ways Email Marketing Is More Refreshing Than New Socks

Finding Email Marketing Refreshing & Effective

opens IMAGE file Admit it:  one of the best feelings in life is the feeling of putting on fresh, clean socks.  You know the feeling…the feeling of grabbing a fresh pair straight from the dryer and pulling them snug on your feet, ready to take on the rest of your day.  Today, we’d like to consider the fact that there’s something even more refreshing in life than a pair of new socks. We’d like to consider how refreshing email marketing can be to any digital marketing campaign.  As email marketing experts, we know it can be refreshing simply from our personal experience. However, we’ve also seen and heard from clients how they are excited again about digital marketing after doing email marketing campaigns through Data-Dynamix.

Ready to slip on a new type of digital marketing?  Here’s why email marketing is more refreshing than new socks:

  1. Email marketing is the most effective form of digital marketing. According to a global survey by Ascend2 and Research Partners, 54% of marketers claimed email marketing to be the most effective digital channel for them.  That was the highest of the group, trumping mobile marketing, PPC, and even social media.(Source: Forbes.)
  2. Email marketing gets results.  With a ROI of around 4,300% (according to the Direct Marketing Association), email marketing is consistently a win for our media partners and clients. Not to mention, the majority of our clients are repeat clients who keep coming back for quality digital advertising, because they have success with our email marketing campaigns.
  3. Email is SMART.  With our integrated data strategy, we can utilize data sets from IP addresses, Mobile Device IDs, and other demographic or behavioral data to map consumers through the sales process.  When we send email campaigns, we KNOW we’re reaching the right customer. This deterministic data strategy allows us amazing opportunities and ultimately, more effective campaigns.
  4. Email is direct. People use email; it’s a must in today’s digital world.  When you can utilize a media channel that people are already using for personal correspondence, work correspondence, and news, you have a winner.  It’s easy to run campaigns to a place where you KNOW people are at, and at a place where they are already in a mindset for consuming information.
  5. Email marketing is great for content marketing. Often people think of email marketing as only sales focused, and just about serving offers to people.  However, in the world of content marketing, where the public is used to getting something of value upfront, email marketing can shine.  Email marketing can be viewed from the lens of creating valuable content and articles that are useful to your audience first, and then sneak in special offers.  Content can be used as the hook and make viewers feel more loyal to the brand simply because of content.
  6. Email is green. You may be a treehugger, or you may care less about the environment.  One of the beauties of digital marketing though, including email marketing, is that we are not as reliant on paper and print products.  This is a more green approach to business, and not to mention, an economical approach to business too!
  7. Email is controlled. Email marketing is a great tool because you can have consistent control over your audience.  When you advertise on Google, you play by their rules. When you promote on Facebook, your posts get served to those that Facebook deems worthy according to their algorithms.  When you work with data like ours, YOU decide what filters ultimately you want on the data to determine who sees your ad. When you are sending to a subscriber list, YOU own that list, rather than sending to a list you rent out from Facebook or Twitter or Google.  Email marketing is a great way to build a long-term marketing strategy that will outlive multiple iterations of algorithms by the major social powerhouses.
  8. Email is flexible.  There are a lot of great things you can do with email.  You can create custom graphics, interactive multimedia, and other interesting features to keep people interested in your email campaigns.  The options are nearly endless, and continue to evolve with so many mobile applications for emails.
  9. Email is timeless. While email is relatively new in the history of the world, the concept of sharing letters is not.  Written correspondence has been around for thousands of years, and still is today with email. There is power in communication and email opens up a venue for that communication in today’s world.
  10. Email marketing allows for measurements.  One of the fabulous things about email marketing, as opposed to other venues of marketing, is that is allows for accurate statistics on open rates, click-through rates, bounces, and other behaviors.  Understanding patterns in these statistics can help you tailor future marketing efforts and projects for greater success. You no longer have to guess at what your audience will like in the future; you know from past experiences!
  11. Email marketing plays well with others.  When you are considering a multi-tiered marketing approach, email marketing is a great piece to include.  You can start with email, jump to display or pop-ups, jump on over to social media, and then back to email.  A multi-tiered digital approach allows you to touch your prospects multiple times to encourage the sales process to move quickly.  We know that most people will not convert to customers on the first encounter with a brand. That’s why we love combining different advertising options, along with retargeting, to create better success for our clients!