What is IP Advertising and How Can You Incorporate It for Better Performing Ad Campaigns?

Eliminating Wasteful Ad Spending and Increasing Conversion Rates

If you want to eliminate wasteful ad spending while increasing your conversion rates, you may want to consider the digital advertising tactic of IP.  This form of advertising allows you to hyper-target your advertising audiences via isolating your warmest leads, thus increasing conversion rates.

 What is IP Advertising?

IP Advertising, or IP Targeting, is essentially very simple. Every device connected to the internet is assigned a unique Internet Protocol (i.e., IP) address.  This allows you to target audiences by IP address, or location.

 This form of hyper-targeting allows you to show your ads to the exact address you want, eliminating wasteful ad spending. In fact, this advertising presents targeting capabilities 50x or greater than traditional media and gives you a true one-to-one marketing ability. Rather than creating audiences by demographics or behavior, IP advertising is more refined, leading to a higher return on investment. 

 Getting Started

To get started provide addresses and zip codes of the people or businesses you would like to reach. These can be previous customers, new clients and more.  Addresses are run through an IP mapping system where IP addresses are then matched to physical addresses. Once the two addresses match you can begin to serve your ads. 

 Is IP Advertising Right for Me?

IP targeting is a great tool for anyone working with a limited advertising budget, or anyone who wants to cut wasteful ad spending. It can also be helpful for brick and mortar locations that wish to reach people near their business because you have the ability to target by location, even down to a specific household. Both B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) can benefit from using this hyper-targeted form of advertising. It is even helpful for politicians wishing to reach constituents during campaign season! Some other examples of businesses that can profit from IP Advertising include universities, charter or private schools, auto dealerships, IT consultants, engineering firms, lawyers, realtors, hair salons, retailers, restaurants, solar installers and interior designers. opens IMAGE file

 IP Advertising Strategy Ideas 

Because you have the ability to reach specific addresses you can show meaningful ads to the warmest leads. Here are some strategies to help give you some ideas on how you can use IP advertising to your benefit:

  • Banks can advertise their mortgage rates in real estate offices 
  • Colleges and Universities can show ads to households with students in their junior or senior year
  • Politicians can show ads to previous one-time donors to solicit a repeat donation
  • Combine IP advertising with your email campaigns to reach more customers
  • Show your ads to mobile devices inside conventions, seminars or trade shows
  • Boost your direct mail campaign, allowing you to reach people in the physical and digital worlds, packing a one-two punch 

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