Localized Advertising that Works: How to Strategically Reach Your Neighbors

How Location Listening Can Help You Reach New Potential Customers Near You

When you offer a local service or sell products locally, the key to your success lies in reaching new potential customers near you. As a local coffee shop, it wouldn’t make sense to advertise to a tea lover who lives 10 miles from your business. Unfortunately, with basic digital advertising audience parameters, that can often happen. With Location Listening, you can target the right people who are near your brick and mortar location! 

 What is Location Listening?

You might be wondering what Location Listening even is. To understand what our service is, you first need to know that each GPS-enabled device is assigned a Mobile Ad ID, or MAID for short. This allows privacy compliant data to be collected and then used by advertisers. When you sign up for Location Listening services, you then map out or designate areas of interest to you. When a MAID intersects with that area of interest, the privacy compliant data is sent to you. You can then display ads on these mobile devices through apps or online. 

 How Location Listening is Used to Strategically Reach Your Neighbors

Now that you understand the basics of Location Listening, let’s dive a little deeper into how it can help you reach more nearby local customers. Let’s do this by giving an example and go back to that local coffee shop. When the owner of the local coffee shop signs up for Location Listening, she can then designate an unlimited number of locations she’s interested in. These locations can be her place of business, a competitor’s location and the area around her coffee shop. 

 Our Location Listening service will then gather all the MAIDs that intersect with our coffee shop owner’s locations of interest and send her that data. She can then use this data to set up custom, hyper-targeted audiences in her digital ads. For example, she can target just the people within a 2-mile radius of her shop with an ad that displays a discount on coffee or a special she is having. 

 But that data can go even deeper! If she analyzes several days worth of data, she can target just the people who live or work in that two-mile radius by understanding who “visits” that location most often and the time of day they visit a location.  In other words, the people who repeatedly intersect with her location of interest and are there during work hours at a business within that designated area, or home at night and on weekends. 

 The people who live and work within this area are much more likely to visit a coffee shop that is “near me,” than one that is 5 miles away. By using Location Listening data, our coffee shop owner can strategically target these potential new customers, who are closer to conversion than other leads. This means she can really get the most out of her advertising dollars! opens IMAGE file

 Amp Up Your Advertising Game Today!

Our Location Listening services are easy to use. You’ll get the latest data delivered right to you! Gain insight by viewing traffic levels and comparing traffic and visitors over time. All you need to get started is your location name, full address and the desired recipient(s) of the daily feed. We’ll even give you 12 months of historical data to get you started! Once you have data in hand, you can amp up your advertising game by using this information to create custom audiences and/or place programmatic ads. Contact us today to learn more or to get started!