Make Mobile Geofencing Work for You

Five Tips to Help You Get Better Results from Your Digital Ads

Mobile geofencing has created a lot of buzz amongst marketers, and for good reason! This location-based digital marketing tool allows you to target consumers who visit locations important to your business on their devices. But it’s more than just setting some basic audience parameters for a digital ad; geofencing allows you to create custom, hyper-targeted audiences for your digital social media and programmatic ads! 

 How Does Mobile Geofencing Work?

Before we get into the ways you can make mobile geofencing work better for you, let’s first go over what mobile geofencing is. Each GPS-enabled device, or smartphone, is assigned an ID. When that ID intersects with your designated area of interest, they are served your ad that encourages them to make a purchase. 

 There are some limitations to keep in mind with mobile geofencing. The person does have to be using their smartphone in order for the ID to be captured and for them to see an ad. This means that you don’t want to include areas where people will only be driving. 

 However, there are ways to really boost your marketing efforts with mobile geofencing. Let’s look at our top 5 tips to help you get better results from your digital ads using mobile geofencing.  

 1 | Keep the Boundaries Clear

Mobile geofencing works best when your boundaries are clear. Cluttered areas or zones that overlap can lead to confusing data, or worse, the wrong ads being shown to the wrong people. Keep your boundaries clear and make sure your zones don’t overlap. This will ensure that the right ads are shown to the people that matter most.

 2 | Boost Foot Traffic with Programmatic Ads

One of your zones of interest can be the sidewalk along the street your business is located. This works well in shopping districts or outdoor strip malls where people often stroll along or sit on a bench checking out their phones. Display an ad promoting a special or sale your shop is having to encourage more foot traffic into your business. opens IMAGE file

 3 | Target Consumers Who are “Ready to Buy”

This strategy also works perfectly for businesses in strip malls or shopping districts. For example, your location of interest can be the mall in which your store is located. When shoppers arrive in the mall your ad will display on their devices, encouraging them into your store. And because these consumers are there ready to shop, they are already in the active buying stage, making them more than just a warm lead! 

 4 | Leverage Data to Target Events or Trade Shows

Geotargeting allows you to target not only by location, but by date and time as well. For example, if you are a bridal dress shop, you can target a wedding expo by sending ads to mobile devices at the expo. Another example would be a local artisan at a fair or trade show who displays an ad to people who visit the art fair. 

 Local businesses can also take advantage of the opportunity that events and trade shows provide. If you are a restaurant, you can advertise to people who visit the stadium across the street for a game, or you can even target people who passed by during a street fair, getting them to come back to your shop. 

 5 | Target Competitor’s Locations

Set up a geofence at your competitor’s locations and you’ll be able to target warm leads! These people are already interested in making a purchase from a business like yours, so give them a reason to visit you next time instead by serving up an ad with a coupon, sale promotion or discount they can use at your business. 

 Start Advertising Smarter Today!

Are you ready to make your digital advertising work better for you? Are you ready to stop wasting your advertising budget on consumers that don’t matter? Our mobile geofencing services will help you target consumers who are important to your business. It’s easy to get signed up today!