How can Retail Foot Traffic Analysis Benefit Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

How to Use Smart Data to Create and Execute Your Marketing Campaign

If you maintain a brick and mortar location it can be helpful to know who is visiting. But how does data representing traffic in a physical location help inform your digital marketing strategy? Let’s dive into those questions and provide answers.

 Gathering Data

First, it’s important to understand how you can gather foot traffic data. Each GPS-enabled device is assigned a Mobile Advertising ID, or MAID. The locations that a device travels to are gathered through permission-based apps and then this data is delivered to advertisers who have signed up for Mobile Geofencing or Location Listening services. Advertisers can then take this privacy-compliant data and analyze it to inform their digital marketing strategy. 

 Mobile Geofencing: This digital advertising tactic provides in-app ads to devices in the latitude and longitude established “fences” enabling targeting of the mobile devices that enter specific venues or events. This approach provides the opportunity to serve ads to customers at locations that are similar to your business, thus increasing the likelihood of moving an information seeker to a paying customer.

 Location Listening: This service goes a bit further than mobile geofencing. Again, you can designate locations of interest but Location Listening allows you to gain insight into: 

  • The traffic levels at your locations of interest
  • A comparison of traffic at any location by date, day of the week or by hour
  • Who visits a location most often
  • A comparison of visitors over time (by hour, day, month, quarter or year)
  • Analysis of promotional day traffic to see who is busier

 With this data, you can create hyper-targeted audiences including those of customers with high brand loyalty who visit your competitors. Then you can entice to your business instead and what your busiest hours, days or seasons are. With this data, you can create custom audiences and tailor your advertising by audience and by need. For example, if your in-location visits generally dip in the third quarter, you’ll know that you might need to ramp up your targeted advertising to get consumers in the door more. opens IMAGE file

Why You Need a Strong Digital Advertising Strategy

Our society is increasingly becoming more mobile. This provides an opportunity to not only gather data in the form of Mobile Ad IDs, but it also allows you to serve up meaningful ads to warm leads where they are, which is online! The data gathered through Location Listening allows you to create custom audiences to which you can serve ads and then remarket. Remarketing is a key part to a strong digital marketing strategy as it supports the development of brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is essential to getting guiding customers back in the door over and over again making purchases. With the data gathered through MAIDs you have the ability to cultivate brand loyalty and maintain it. 

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