Mother's Day Ad Campaign Best Practices

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 3.03.46 PMopens IMAGE file It’s time to start planning your Mother’s Day advertising strategy!  We know what you’re thinking…we’re in the midst of the Valentine’s campaigns.  Is it really time to think about stuff for May?  Yes!  If you want to be ready and be successful with digital and email advertising, you NEED to start planning your strategy now!

Mother’s Day is an interesting holiday because there is so much that goes into being a mom that is unspoken and that we sometimes can’t ever put into words ourselves.  Not to mention the fact that you have a few main audiences you can choose to target with your advertising:  Fathers AND Mothers.  Here are a few approaches you can take with your digital marketing campaigns for a smashing Mother’s Day:

  • Tug at Heartstrings.  Mother’s Day is a great time to pull at emotional heartstrings.  Moms mean more to us than just about any other person in our lives, so it makes sense that we would apply that knowledge to the advertising we do.
  • Logic doesn’t Always Win Out.  Because mothers are so emotionally tied to who we are, most people are willing to spend money on extravagant items.  For example, jewelry is one category that gets a huge share of dollars spent around Mother’s Day, all while being an expensive item that isn’t essential in life.  We are willing to spend those big dollars because we love mom.  Simple as that.
  • Inspire Laughter.  The #textsfrommom campaign last year did just this!  They used the ignorance that many (not all) moms have toward texting and the latest in digital lingo.  This campaign was hilarious and therefore memorable.  However, they took it to another level by adding in the hashtag to let consumers share their own funny texts with their mothers.  The advertising went from persuasive to interactive.  Big Win!
  • Find a Pain Point.  Moms do a lot in life and so when advertisers can solve a problem for mom, they can help give Dad and kiddos some brownie points.  Moms may not want a cleaning tool for Mother’s Day, but a Roomba or service to have someone else come and clean could solve a huge pain point for her.  Just make sure to add in a fun gift as well like a massage or facial that she can do WHILE the Roomba is cleaning her house for her!
  • Make It Easy On The Men.  Men are typically not great shoppers, so marketers have to really spell things out during the Mother’s Day advertising season.  Creating top gifts moms will love, or creating packages that are one-stop solutions for men is a great way to make it simple.  When you are doing any sort of advertising targeted to the dads who will be shopping, keep the language clear, direct, and simple.  Using language like “Win-win gifts for moms” or “no-fail mother’s day gift ideas” is great for social media hooks or email subject lines.
  • Don’t forget to appeal to mother’s themselves.  Most mothers are daughters, sisters, or grandmothers to other women who are mothers.  Most women are involved in purchasing these gifts for other mothers in their life.  Women who are mothers know what women really want for gifts.

Remember that regardless of what approach you take in your Mother’s Day advertising campaigns, you need to have winning graphics, copy, subject lines, and audience lists to target.  At Data-Dynamix, we understand the winning combination to help you craft the best digital marketing mix for your goals.  Let us help you show the world how much you love moms this year!