Plan Your Advertising For The Summer Season NOW! IMAGE file Warm sand between your toes, sunshine pouring down on you, and hours of kiddos looking for something to do.  Summer can be a really fun time of year, but for many parents it can be a stressful season because they have to figure out how to occupy their kids.  Many parents both work and they need help with their kids.  Some parents simply want to make sure their kids have fun, but still learn during this off season from school.  Regardless of what the reason, parents need to know what to do with their kids during the summer, and now is the time to start thinking about what you’ll tell them to do through email advertising.

Some Basic Tips:

•Create a powerful subject line and stay away from SPAM trigger keywords -such as “Free.”  Remember, the subject line is the make or break moment for your email marketing campaign!

•Keep your email to one page and have your most important messaging in the top part of the email so that viewers don’t have to scroll down to see the most important part.

•Have a call to action such as a coupon or a give away.  Parents love getting something for free or something discounted.  Strategic giveaways that force parents to share/chat about your contest on social media in order to be entered are great ways to get more exposure.

•Make sure your graphics standout.  Professional and eye-catching graphics will impress parents from the beginning and will already establish your competency in providing a world class experience for their child.

•Be smart when you send your emails.  Our team at Data-Dynamix knows the ideal times to send emails and ads for maximum exposure.  Common sense rules are good to follow, though.  First thing Monday morning is not ideal, for example, because it will get lost in the shuffle of all emails that were sent over the weekend.

  • Share the “why” of your program.  People don’t really care about the what; they care about the why.  If your program has a deeply-held mission and set of values, make sure that you express that to capture the emotional connection with prospective families.
  • Plant Seeds.  Parents are usually methodical in what they choose to do with their child and they may think.  As with most consumers, it usually takes a couple interactions before parents will pull the trigger and make a decision to do a particular camp.  Be strategic about when you start your campaign and how frequently you send various parts of that campaign.
  • Make it easy. Create efficient and simple landing pages to encourage sign ups.  Confusing landing pages or processes to sign up for your programs will drive prospective customers away, especially when they are busy parents!  Respect their time and their sanity and make it easy on them!

You CAN have successful advertising campaigns for your summer programs, but you need to put careful thought into them and start working on them NOW!  Don’t wait until June to advertise your programs…parents have already made up their minds by then!  At Data-Dynamix, we know that email marketing can be highly effective for so many industries and programs.  We’ve seen it work well for seasonal programs and we know it can be helpful for your summer camp or summer program!

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