Boosting Sales With Father's Day Advertising

DD Father's Day ImageAmericans spend on average, $7.4 billion less on Father’s Day than they do on Mother’s Day each year.  Dear old dad shouldn’t feel bad though.  Father’s day still leads to billions in sales, especially for clearly masculine brands.  We work with many brands that could benefit from these trends in Father’s Day gifts.

Here’s a snapshot:

What types of products do best during Father’s Day sales?

  1. Hardware Stores – Father’s Day Sales were voted as the best time to find deals on tools (30%).  Yes, the macho man who loves tools is a great persona to target advertising to.
  2. Automotive Accessories – Men love their cars and the things that make driving their cars even easier.  Automotive companies and accessory companies can succeed by targeting this desire for men.
  3. Sporting Goods-   Over $700 million is spent on average on sporting goods for Father’s Day – and just in time for the warm weather.  Most men love sports, and this makes for an easy idea for most wives and kids.
  4. Clothing – The millennial father is just one small demographic of men who want to look good.  Clothing targeted to men is a great opportunity for email marketing campaigns!
  5. Electronic Gadgets –  Anything electronic, sleek, cool, and new will do well.  Advertising campaigns need to look sleek, modern, and cool to appeal to this modern, hip dad.
  6. Restaurant –   Restaurants can benefit from Father’s Day specials as many families simply want to spend time together over a good meal.  Last minute email campaigns can work on items like restaurant gift card deals because they require only a reservation.  Marketers that want to play off of people’s procrastination can create effective advertising campaigns.  Geofencing can be utilized to help capture local audiences for specific restaurant locations too!

A few reminders:

  • Remember that men are hard to shop for.  Many men will offer ideas to their wives, or even buy their own gifts!  Take advantage of this and cater to men’s emotions and desires.
  • Remember that men don’t have the same sentimental feeling that most women do.  This is not a blanket statement, but men are more about functionality, style, and productivity in regards to gifts.
  • Sometimes the best gifts don’t cost a single thing.  Yes, dads like the power tools, watches, and cars, but they also love hand-print art from their toddler or hand-made artwork.  New fathers or new grandfathers are especially sentimental and you can cater advertising to appeal to these emotions.  For example, a new tech gadget that allows you to record special moments with a baby could allow you to play off of sentimental moments for father, yet sell a very masculine product.
  • Include retargeting in your mix.  Dads may be looking for items first, and then the wives pop on the computer later.  By retargeting, the wife is served up ads for items that the husband looked at previously.  This is a great way to subtly tell wives what dads want.

Father’s Day is a great opportunity for marketers to utilize digital marketing techniques like display advertising and email marketing.  When combining these together in their own unique mix, you can advertise to the consumer in multiple (and engaging) ways that drive real sales for your business!