The Truth About Email Marketing

If you have an email address, then you know how popular email marketing is. Depending on how many transactions you have made online or how many different forms you have filled out, or even how many information cards you’ve submitted, you know that your inbox fills up relatively quickly each day. As a consumer, you know that email marketing is popular because you deal with it every day. But as a marketer, you want to understand the stats more in depth. Just because something is common doesn’t always mean it’s successful. We want to help you with your research so you can make an informed decision on whether or not this marketing tool is the real deal… But, we should say that we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Statista: In 2015, there were 2.5 billion email users in the world and 233 million of them are in the United States. They are estimating that this number will grow to 254.7 million by the end of 2020.


When it comes to deciding what marketing channels you want to use, it’s important to see that the engagement within this channel is high. But even more so, you want to know that it’s on the rise. This stat shows that more people are finding email to be necessary and that serves in your favor because then you can reach more of them!


Techcrunch: In 2016, it was announced that the number of Gmail monthly email users had hit one billion.


-The best part about this is that while Gmail numbers are so high, it’s just one of the many platforms that offer email. With the number of Gmail users being so high, one could assume that other popular email providers like Yahoo and Outlook are doing very well too!


eMarketer: Based on a survey administered by emarsys and WBR Digital, the results show that about 80-81% of survey participants believed that email marketing played a role in helping them acquire customers and keep them.


-It wouldn’t make sense to use a marketing tool that wasn’t popular amongst existing users. The fact is that email is a huge part of the sales process and ultimately paying customers!


While the stats above are only a few of the many stats available either online or in books/reports/magazines, etc., they definitely help give you an idea of why the email marketing craze exists. Most successful marketers use data when making decisions on how to drive the direction of their company – which explains why many are currently using email marketing. If you are trying to figure out whether or not it’s right tool for you, pay attention to the numbers and figure out if these stats align with your definition of success. Then, figure out how to create a plan of action and begin the process. Email marketing is certainly very useful, but the people who do it best spend a great amount of time building campaigns to successfully reach their audience.