How to Win With Digital Advertising


opens IMAGE file In boxing, you have to have intentional power behind a punch in order to make an impact on your opponent.  There is a focused effort to drive the power from multiple muscles to deliver a strike with force – in digital marketing, you have to exercise strategic intent as well.  At Data-Dynamix, we have developed an approach that truly gives you the power for a winning campaign performance, and it all centers around utilizing IP targeting and mobile device ID targeting. Take a look at what these two tactics can help you accomplish with your next display ad campaign or digital ad strategy!

Better Display Ad Campaign Performance

Did you know that display campaigns perform better when you combine IP targeting and mobile device ID targeting?  Instead of simply running a display ad campaign and hoping that you are reaching the right audience or type of audience, you can KNOW with certainty you are reaching the right people because the data from tracking IP addresses and mobile devices is telling you that.  This level of certainty is based on “deterministic” data sourcing (and Identity Graph modeling) as opposed to “probabilistic” sourcing. You can learn a lot about consumer behavior by tracking this data. Then, it’s a no-brainer to take that information and apply it to your targeted audience for display ad campaigns. Insider tip: this data can actually help you with ANY digital marketing or even print marketing that you are doing as well!

Get Granular!

Not only can you target and track IP addresses, but we can differentiate between the different types of IP addresses.  For example, we can tell the difference between full households, business locations, and more. Obviously people are using the internet in different scenarios and based on your goals, you can align that information to help maximize your impact.  We can also differentiate between types of device IDs, so we can tell between mobile phones and tablets to understand consumer behavior and trends even more! We can get very specific with the information being used to target the right consumer.

A One-Two Punch

The Combined Power of matched IP Addresses and Device IDs is truly a one-two punch, where you can approach your goal from multiple angles.  One of our favorite ways to do this is by matching IP addresses and device ids with email lists that the client owns and provides. Why is this so great?  First off, this list is usually a more primed audience that has heard of the brand before, so we’re not working with a completely cold audience. Secondly, when we match it with IP address ids and mobile Device IDs, we can filter out people who aren’t a match for a specific call to action.  This means that the client is spending less on ads and targeting higher quality prospects.

The roundhouse of tools

At Data-Dynamix, we have a unique set of tools because not only can we track IP addresses and device ID addresses, but we also have access to other data as well.  We have postal data, email data, and other demographics that we can use together with any IP addresses and mobile Device IDs. This means we can use big data to find connections between these various data sets, allowing marketers to truly track a consumer from one place to another.  

If you truly want to be the champion in the ring, there’s really no other choice for smart digital advertising.  Our suite of data tracking tools, along with proven campaign performance, gives the best solution for digital advertisers on the market.