5 Basic Tips For Building Local SEO

Basics for building local SEO for your brand

Tips For Building Local SEOopens IMAGE file SEO or search engine optimization is defined as the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. SEO is very important for any business or brand that is looking to establish a stronger presence on the web. Establishing good SEO is a crucial step for any business or brand because it can help set the stage for any advertising that will be posted on a business’s website later on. SEO is part of the foundation that every business should have because without it, very little traffic will be generated to a business’s website or online content. Though there are many different ways to achieve good SEO, here are 5 ways to build SEO that will help your business to see improved results and higher rankings!

  1. Focus on a theme 

It is important for a business or a brand to stick with a theme or a topic in the content that is posted. The topic of the content posted, the title of the content posted and the keywords of the topic posted should all clearly relate. The more a theme or an idea is reiterated, the higher the chance that it will pop up higher in search engine results. Higher search engine results gain better traffic to a site.

2.  Find and utilize new keywords on sites like Reddit

Reddit is a place where all sorts of people are discussing all sorts of topics. Because of this, it is easy to find words that people are using repeatedly in subreddit communities on specific topics. Once these keywords are found, they can be used in the content that your brand is posting to reach a targeted audience that is interested in your topic.

3. Content should focus on how the audience will benefit from reading it 

People are more inclined to press on a link, or to read a post that appears to offer them help with something or provides an answer to a problem. So, content should specifically on helping the audience and this should be evident in the title of the post. Instead of coming off as a lecture, it should come off as a helpful post.

4. Link Building

According to MOZ, link building “is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own.” Link building is crucial for a brand or business to score higher rankings in the different search engine results because according to Search Engine Land, it improves “visibility”, sends “positive signals to Google, and helps establish “new relationships.”

5. Post and update your brand’s website regularly

It is important that your site appears to be up to date. Be sure to have a consistent posting schedule and make sure to maintain regular content. If a site looks outdated and hasn’t had anything new on it for awhile, this will take away the site’s credibility. Always, always, always make sure to have frequent posts and update the website relatively often.


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