5 Things You MUST Do To Make Your Audience Open Your Emails

Marketers Guidelines For Improving Email Open Rates:  5 Things You MUST Do To Make Your Audience Open Your Emails

Another day, another email. Or two…Or 500. In 2020, and long before, we are bombarded with email after email which can be tiring when trying to figure out how YOUR email will get through to people. You need to have a smart strategy to make sure your email is the one that gets opened.

Here are 5 tips to help your business successfully market through email by getting your audience to open your email!

  1. Draw Attention Through Your Headline

If attention isn’t drawn to a headline immediately there is no hope that the email will get opened. That being said, the headline must be short and sweet in order to grab the attention of the recipient. With the amount of spam and junk emails people get daily, they won’t waste time on emails that don’t appeal or interest them immediately.  Read up on headlines in some of our other past blogs here. (link to past ones)

  1. Send Emails At The Right Time

Most marketers seem to agree that sending emails out during the middle of the week on days like Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday is most ideal. Monday’s are usually hectic and Friday’s are the end of the work week so it’s best to avoid these two. Weekends are for relaxation and rejuvenation so any emails that pop up on someone’s smartphone with probably be deleted or ignored.

  1. Segment Your Emails

Not every member in a target audience has the same needs, desires, or interests. Certain emails should be sent to certain audience members and not others. Make sure you are cognizant of each audience member and what will be most useful or interesting to each person. You wouldn’t send the same text to everyone in your phone so why send the same email to every single person on your email list?

  1. Messages Must Be Readable On Mobile

Because smartphones have taken over, and email is used on mobile devices far more than ever before, it is crucial that emails are in a form that works with mobile. If someone checks their email from their phone and receives emails that they can’t read on their phone, where do you think that email will go? In the trash and right away at that.  Single column email creatives are an easy mobile-friendly design to which you should adhere.

  1. Personalize Emails

It goes without saying that people like to feel special and relevant. If someone is continually being sent bulk emails over and over with no specific attention given to their personal life, they will likely be less inclined to care about what they received. If a business goes out of its way to make the customer or client feel special, that’s an immediate bonus.

  1. Retarget off of Email

Think one email is enough to get your offer across? Think again. In the sales cycle consumers need at least 7 interactions before making a decision (sometimes more!). The best way to ensure that your campaign is a success is to include retargeting in the strategy. You can retarget customers based on email open rates and interactions. This helps your brand stay sticky and makes for successful email marketing campaigns.

Is email going away? Not a chance! Email is still an extremely powerful tool for business. The challenge comes in making sure that your emails are irresistible to people. A little strategy and some experienced help can make your email campaigns a success!