6 Reasons Why Video Needs To Be In Your Digital Ad Strategy

opens IMAGE file We’ve been hearing about video for years but for some reason the digital marketing world has hesitated to embrace this form of media. More and more content online is being consumed via video, so it’s no wonder the advertising world is seeing better results with video ad strategies as well. 

Why is video so great to use?

  1. Video is different. Compared to the statiimages we’ve been seeing for years video catches our attention. It’s somethindifferent from the static creative content we see on a webpage, email, or even through social media feeds. 
  2. Video interrupts. Video has movement and often sound. Any of these animations allow our brain to be interrupted. It’s interesting and engages us on a different level. 
  3. Video portrays depth. There are so many things you can experience in video that you can’t in any other way. You can gauge tone, inflection, and analyze other signals about a person or brand simply by engaging in video content. 
  4. Video keeps people’s attention. Retention rates on video content are strong.  The average video retains 37% of viewers all the way to the end of the video. (Hubspot) If you want people paying attention and consuming ALL your content, video is a great way to do that. 
  5. Video gives you options. There are SO many options for video advertising and retargeting. And the list keeps growing! We’re loving all the great options video presents to our partners and customers who want to reach their audience. 
  6. Video is growing. 96%of people say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. (Wyzowl) The growing trend is that people want to engage and experience an offer as much as possible and it’s only going to grow in the coming years!

Video & Ads: Do more together!

As we referenced earlier, there are so many things you can do with digital ads when it comes to video. With new technologies and social media capabilities opening up, there are even more ways evolving each day on how to use video. Here are just a few ways we recommend considering as you get started:

  1. Video Display Ads
  2. Video social media ads to build audiences
  3. Video social media ads to build awareness
  4. Run ads on YouTube videos
  5. Run ads during Facebook videos

Video & Retargeting: A Match Made in Heaven

Video allows you to do a ton, but what if the video was just the start. We can now target people who have engaged with our videos at all or engaged with a certain percentage of the video length. We can build audiences around these people. We can target people who have engaged with our websites and the video content there. Once we gather some information on

the consumer we can retarget them with deterministic data. By showing interest or intent on the message of your video content, you can retarget consumers with the right offer on multiple digital channels. Our Deterministix data allows you to do this robust retargeting and digital ad strategy in a simple, efficient  way. We’d love to share it with you.

Ultimately, video is a win. While it is a more complex type of digital ad to create or integrate with, it can open up so many doors for your campaigns.  By combining retargeting strategies and effective data solutions, your next digital campaign can be a winning campaign for your bottom line!