Advertising In An Age of Ad Blockers

How to Deal With Ad Blockers

dd blog 11.13.15opens IMAGE file Ad blockers are a hot topic among programmatic advertisers this year.  They are becoming more and more popular with consumers and pose potential problems to those wanting to send digital ads to grow their brand.

Create Original Content

What better way to engage with your customers than with content that they find valuable and you can shine in the process.  The codependency between content marketing and programmatic advertising is never more vital.  Create a reason for people to come to your site with good content, and then either subtle, or overtly, share your programmatic message.

Align With Great Content

Perhaps you don’t have great content, nor do you want to create amazing content.  However, you do have relationships with brands and influencers that do have amazing content that is drawing a great audience.  Enter the concept of influencer marketing.  Align yourself with spaces that have great traffic and audiences to help infuse your advertising into the natural mix of their space.  Adam Broitman lays it out well when he says, “In a world where content has become overabundant, advertisers need to remember that context is the kingdom, and in the absence of original content, integration with premium content providers can do wonders for brand perception and favorability.”

Balance, Relevance, & Context 

Smart advertisers will create campaigns that are designed to be balanced, relevant, and contextual.  The more a campaign is these three things, the more likely your audience is to actually WANT to pay attention to your ads.  Think about the initial reason why people use ad blockers in the first place.  “People use ad blockers due to the proliferation of irrelevant, annoying and badly-placed adverts; a problem that has built to breaking point over years of mishandling of adverts by publishers, advertisers and website designers.” (Chris Burgess)

Change In The Air 

Ad blocking is an annoyance that no advertiser can deny.  However, the good thing about ad blocking is that it is forcing marketers to stay smart and fight for quality ads.  These annoyances are keeping our industry on our toes, which will ultimately produce better advertising experiences, and more opportunities to advertise as technologies emerge and develop.

At Data-Dynamix, we are always on the lookout for the latest opportunities and developments in digital advertising.  It’s an exciting time in advertising because new, creative techniques are being invented every single day.  There are more opportunities than ever before for engaging your audience!