Advertising Mistakes To Avoid For Top Performing Ads

Digital advertising is one of the smartest ways to advertise your business today! You have so many tools at your disposal and ways to ensure that your ads are being seen by the right people…  And taking the guesswork out of the equation is invaluable. However, even though there is opportunity for success we still see people making big mistakes when it comes to digital ads. If we can guide you to avoid these mistakes then it’s all worth it! 

Avoid these mistakes and instead enjoy the success of a successful digital ad campaign!

  1. Mistake #1 –  Single Interaction:  Whether you’re thinking of display ads, social media ads, or even email campaigns, if you are focused on one design and one send you are missing the (digital ad) boat. Instead, you should think about doing a campaign that has multiple layers of exposure. When it comes to sales, and especially in the busy digital space, it must include a plan to target people multiple times and in a few different ways. You don’t want people to become numb to the exact same design, nor do we want people to miss our one chance to see the ad. Focus on a few sends of your digital ad so that you can maximize the impact and work withthe psychology of how consumers make decisions. 
  2. Mistake #2 – One Channel: One of the biggest mistakes we see people making is focusing on just one digital channel. They put all their eggs in one basket and hope that one channel will perform. Instead, when people utilize multiple digital channels, they can improve their odds and improve the customer experience. Envision someone seeing an ad on their web browser and then sees it again later on their mobile device in their favorite app, and then later gets an email about the offer. Having a similar message show up in multiple digital mediums helps the consumer become knowledgeable with the advertiser and product but not exhausted by the offer. A multi-channel approach will appear serendipitous because ‘they were just thinking about buying that.’ If you focus on one platform alone, you miss out on this subtle way to capture consumers’ attentions. 
  3. Mistake #3 – Time.Many marketers want instant results. They want to see things happen right away, and while that can sometimes happen, it’s not always the reality. The reality is that a few interactions are needed before a consumer makes a decision and sometimes they need some breathing room in between those interactions to get in the place before taking the plunge and converting (i.e. buying). Strategic ad campaigns built from thousands of ad deliveries worth of experience can help you find the sweet spot in timing. Be patient and plan ahead so that your ad campaigns have the appropriate time to take consumers through the buying process associated with you offer. 
  4. Mistake #4 – Limited Data:Want a surefire way to have a flat ad campaign? Use old and limited data! In today’s day, there’s really no excuse. You don’t have to use data that tells you just ONE thing. Instead, you can use data like that from our Deterministix data graphing that takes multiple data lists and finds the correlations, helping you reach consumers who have already shown intent. By doing so, you make the ad a winner from the start because it’s getting in front of the people who have demonstrated a level of interest in your offer. This kind of data is available today by using big data to map and graph multiple data sets and single out distinct consumers who fit specific criteria. In the past, we focused on a couple data filters and more broad linking. However, with the power of big data, we are able to map this information down the exact person and exact devices! 


Mistakes happen but when you know better you do better. By understanding some of these common mistakes, you can better plan for a successful ad campaign. Instead of focusing on avoiding common mistakes focus on the amazing success you can achieve with your digital ad campaigns!