Advertising To Latinos

Advertising To Latinos Basics

opens IMAGE file The Latino population is one of the most powerful groups in buying power today spanning multiple generations and presenting extensive purchase power.  It is estimated that by 2060 Hispanics will account for about 28.6 percent of the whole U.S. population, which can only mean more business opportunities for you as a business owner as their purchasing power is expected to rise given the recent trajectory. They are a powerhouse that many companies have failed to market effectively to. So, if we’re failing to reach Latinos well, what is missing? Let’s dive in!

Reaching Vs. Engaging – While many Latinos in the United States are bilingual or speak English predominantly, English may not be the main language to rely on. Yes, it’s easier to create advertising specifically in English because you can reach everyone, but that doesn’t mean the Latino population is going to pay attention. On the other hand, if you’ve reached the culture in their native language, with messaging that connects with their cultural tendencies, you not only can communicate with them but actually resonate with your message.  It’s a way to stick out in a very busy and noisy world.

Jump Into Their World  – The Latino population engages more when you invite them into a conversation and one where you are seeking to get into THEIR world instead of asking them to join YOUR world. Most advertising tells the audience what the consumer needs to do and how to be. It’s all about subtle messaging. However to reach the Latino population effectively you need to establish rapport first.  

Remember The Relationship – Latinos are relationship-driven.  This means they see brands through the lens of loyalty and commitment and if a brand breaks that trust, it can be detrimental.  Brands that are successful advertising to Latinos will focus on building a long-term relationship with their customers, rather than the one-off transaction.

Experience Is Everything –  This population group is very tech savvy – especially the Latino millennials and Gen Z. They conduct research online to select a company to do business with but then they’ll visit a store on-site more often than not. As opposed to shopping completely online, Latinos enjoy the experience of making purchases in the store. Create opportunities for experiences in your advertising so that they can engage with you, both digitally and in-store. Take it a step further with Location Listening ads, to help keep the experience going and offer ads based around their physical store shopping habits.

Mobile Friendly – Latino populations are as, or more, mobile-oriented than other audiences. Combine this mobile-oriented engagement with their willingness to go physically to stores and restaurants, you can do some amazing things. Make sure to take users through mobile advertising techniques with in-app ads, geofencing relevant ads, and even location listening ads using their Mobile Ad ID’s. All of these strategies will help you reach an audience of targeted mobile users!

We are family –   Latino culture is based around family.  As opposed to a very Western perspective where we move around the country for our job or opportunities, Latinos will stay in a specific place based on family alone. The tight-knit web that that creates is an important distinction that really ties the other main considerations we just discussed all together. The family-focus is why loyalty, experiences, and relationships are so vital in advertising.

The Latino culture continues to grow so it’s important to understand how one can reach this powerful segment of our population.  As you look through how to reach them, you’ll realize that it’s really not anything earth-shattering to change. While non-Latinos may not be as deep-seated in these concepts, they too are seeking quality, authentic opportunities to relate with the brands they buy from.