Case Study: IP/Mobile ID, Location Data, and Geofencing Drives Customers to the Lot!

The Challenge
A Toyota dealership in the Midwest historically struggled to overcome a severe geographic challenge that limited their sales from “the other side of a river” cutting their available market in half. They wanted to find a solution to reach their core consumers stuck on “the other side of the river” to draw sales out of this troublesome geography. Additionally, this Toyota dealer wanted to blunt competitors’ sales by delivering ads to mobile devices when consumers visited competitors’ lots.

Results from the 12-Day Campaign
• The Owners of 59 Targeted Devices Purchased 29 of the 35 Vehicles Sold.
• IP Address/Device ID-targeted online/in-app ads drove 400 new target consumers to the dealer’s website and influenced 23 of the 29 sales – 0.23% CTR; over five times the industry average of 0.04%.
• Location Data drove 72 target consumers to the dealer’s website and influenced 1 of the 29 sales – 0.23% CTR; over five times the industry average of 0.04%.
• Geo-Fencing drove 65 target consumers to the dealer’s website and influenced 5 of the 29 sales.
• Over 95% of all impressions were served to mobile devices.

The Solution
Working directly with the dealer, Data-Dynamix targeted 16,500 deterministically graphed and location-verified Owners of Autos 2016 and older with a Credit Rating of 650+ and 438,000 Consumers with a 650+ Credit Rating in the troublesome geography on “the other side of the river” to help drive new prospective consumers to their website and dealership. We used the platform to identify the IP Addresses and Mobile Device IDs of the target consumers and then suppressed the dealer’s CRM list to avoid any duplicate messaging. We targeted the owners of 9,800 mobile devices that were on competitors’ lots across the previous 30 days to drive any recent visits. Then, we identified the competitor locations and set up geofences over the top of them to reach consumers who stepped on those lots to make them aware of our dealer’s presence and message throughout the planned promotion.

The Message
While unable to share the actual ads, the dealer advertised a cash back offering of $1,750 off a Toyota Highlander and $2,250 off a new Rav4, giving the dealer a unique offer to track within the sales process.

The campaign influenced 29 of 35 sales across a 12-day promotion – truly surpassing the mark! This dealer continues to use the IP/Mobile ID targeted online ads, use the Location Data to reach recent visitors of their competitors’ lots, and loves geofencing their competitors’ lots to maintain a voice with consumers engaged with buying or servicing a car elsewhere. They continue to use this approach and will until it doesn’t generate leads and sales.

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