Case Study: Email Remarketing with Data, Not Cookies

The Goal
Windows Hawaii, the end client, needed to drive target consumer traffic to its website.

The Solution
Working with the end client’s marketing partner, we targeted 55,000 deterministically graphed and location-verified homeowners interested in home improvement and located within the target market area, and then deployed an initial email blast to that list.

Using Mobile Device ID and IP Address targeting, we executed two cookie-free Email Remarketing campaigns, one shortly after the email blast, then another two weeks later. We delivered display ads directly to the devices of the same targeted homeowners who received the email – something that is impossible with traditional cookie-based re- targeting methods, which can only reach consumers who open and/or click the email.

The Message
The initial email offered 30% OFF Ali’i Extreme Windows, along with an aggressive “10% off a Competitor’s Estimate” option. The first display ads echoed the same offer from the email blast, while the second ad creative promoted a new “Spring Sale” with up to 45% off.


The Results

Email Blast: The email surpassed Data-Dynamix guarantees with a 13.83% open rate and a 1.73% click rate.

Cookie-Free Email Remarketing Display Ad:

  • The direct-to-device display ad echoing the email’s offer drove 164 targeted consumers to Windows Hawaii’s website – a 0.22% click-through rate, and over five times the industry online display average of 0.04%.
  • The direct-to-device display ad promoting the new Spring Sale drove 101 targeted consumers to Windows Hawaii’s website – a 0.2% click-through rate, and five times the industry online display average.
  • The direct-to-device display campaign excelled on the targeted consumers’ mobile devices – 97% of all delivered impressions.

Continued Success
Our media partner and Windows Hawaii were pleased with these results and are involving data-driven Email Remarketing in their marketing plan moving forward.

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