Case Study: Taking Data to Facebook and Instagram

Data to FacebookThe Challenge
TEAM Referral Network, a networking organization, wanted to introduce its services to its desired target market, located in six states, by enticing target consumers to visit its website.

The Solution
Working directly with the end client, Data-Dynamix targeted 149,000 deterministically graphed and location-verified small business owners and self-employed individuals within the requested region. Traditional online/mobile/social targeting options would have made it almost impossible to reach the exact same consumer pool programmatically and socially.

Data-Dynamix engineered a data-driven 4-week omni-channel video programmatic campaign to targeted Mobile Device IDs and/or IP Addresses, including site retargeting and continued messaging via ID-targeted Facebook & Instagram.

The Message
The CEO introduced target consumers to the structure of her business and networking model while offering a Free ebook in trade for the consumer’s contact information.

The Results

  • Programmatic Results: This IP/Mobile ID campaign showed significant activity with mobile devices – 92% of all delivered impressions. The campaign drove 279 brand new targeted consumers to the TEAM Referral Network’s website – 0.21% CTR and a retargeting CTR of 0.2% vs. an industry average of 0.04%.
  • Facebook/Instagram Results: The Facebook/Instagram CTR came in at a strong 2.83% vs. a Facebook average of 0.9%.
  • Continued Success: TEAM Referral Network was pleased with these results and signed up for two more 4-week promotions using the IP/ID programmatic in conjunction with Device ID-targeted Facebook.


The ability to target the devices of the targets you want, in social channels like Facebook and Instagram, is real, and it works! Contact us today at sales@data-dynamix.comcreate new email or (720) 855-9282opens phone dialer to learn how we can similarly boost your results using our exclusive Deterministix™ technology!