Digital Advertising Trends for 2020 To Watch For & Use

Digital Advertising Trends for 2020 To Watch For


If there’s one constant in the equation of digital advertising it’s that there is always change.  The digital ad ecosystem is not static with new trends, new user behavior, and new technology all changing quickly in today’s world. Where is digital advertising going in 2020? As we head into a new decade and a near year, it’s vital that we pay attention to where digital advertising is trending so that we can make the smartest ads possible. 


Native Advertising

The best ads are those through which people don’t feel like they aren’t being sold. The more natural we can make the experience feel, the more of a chance we have at being “sticky” and memorable to our customers. Native advertising allows us to educate, help, inspire…and also sell. 


Something Different

As the world becomes more and more noisy with more and more content you could be consuming, there is a need to make sure that your ads are providing something memorable.  You can’t do it just the way everyone else does it. Your message, tone, and brand need to be unique enough to be memorable but not so different that you’re written off as bizarre – and that you’re failing to reach the proper audience segment.



Digital advertising is not just about one platform. The best digital advertising campaign is based around a multi-channel, or omni-channel, approach. By doing so, you can maximize on the buyer’s journey and deliver ads a few times. This allows customers a chance to become aware of your brand and your offer, learn about you, build trust in you, and ultimately convert to purchase.



The best campaigns in digital marketing include retargeting. Retargeting is a simple tactic which demonstrates a strategy of showing ads to people who have already expressed interest via a previous ad. In today’s digital world you can send retargeting ads in so many different ways (email, social media, digital display, etc.) based on so many different types of actions (website views, clicks, opens, video views, etc.). Retargeting has been around for a while, but it’s never been more important.


Deterministic Approach

Want to get ahead in 2020? The best way is to use a deterministic approach to your data, meaning that you are sending ads you already know the recipient has an interest in. Instead of profiling people based on generalized groups they fall in that just so happen to match your ideal customer profile, you can send ads to people whose interests and purchase propensities have been established based on known (i.e., determined behavior) as opposed to the guesswork associated with thinking a target is may be interested in the your product or service (i.e., probabilistic targeting). We can connect IP address records to Mobile Ad IDs to physical addresses to help bring this deterministic audience modeling approach full circle. So, when someone does a search for vacations in Fiji on their home computer, you can send in-app advertisements on their favorite mobile game about travel packages, and even send a follow-up postcard with your Fiji getaways to their home. You spend your advertising dollars wisely, knowing that this person was already interested in your offer for a Fiji trip. 

What’s coming in 2020? We know that advertisers have to stay smart, nimble, and ready to adapt. Consumers are smarter than ever, but also ready to act when the offer is right!