Digital Advertising Truths | Data-Dynamix Deterministix

opens IMAGE file In digital advertising there are so many misconceptions based on advertising tactics from 10-15, or even 5, years ago and we hear them every day while performing needs analyses and discussing strategy with our clients. We are here to help educate so that you can make smart decisions in your digital advertising campaigns. Here are just a few of the common misconceptions we hear from others around our digital advertising world:

Misconception #1:  Only The Last Click Matters

Many people believe that the only value you get from an ad are clear clicks and conversions with money exchanged. However, the reality is that most people are lurkers online and especially the first handful of times they see your ads. Most people will see the ads, but they don’t click or explore more… at least at first! The event management and ticketing website Eventbrite indicates it takes 12-15 times for a business to interact with someone before that  viewer becomes and actual customer. Many people start to worry that their ads aren’t providing them value and they quit too soon. We encourage people to trust the process of committing to a longer campaign that will yield better brand loyalty, awareness, and ultimately the clicks you are seeking. Move your target audience from a group qualified targets to engaged customers. Give your audience time to warm up to your offer before you give up! Think linear attribution! 


Misconception #2:  One Ad Will Change My Business

Sadly, one ad alone will rarely change a business’ trajectory. One ad can be extremely vital to the success of a strategy, but it should be only part of a bigger marketing strategy. One ad on one platform can be helpful, but unless people see that similar ad on multiple marketing channels, it’s really just a single exposure – not all that different from an ad on the radio or a commercial on television airing a single time. One of the common misconceptions for business owners is that a single ad will change the course of their business’ entire direction. The reality is that each individual ad’s exposure to a target audience plays a part in a bigger marketing picture and it’s vital to have campaigns built that have multiple ads, multiple touchpoints, and multiple channels people see these messages on. A multi-channel approach is going to be more effective than one single ad could ever be.


Misconception #3:  Marketing Is Just Guessing

For many years, people have stated that marketing is just a bunch of educated guesswork. You throw metaphorical spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks and run with that. However, in today’s world, you don’t have to guess at what will work for your marketing and advertising mix. With Deterministix data graphs, you can KNOW that you’re targeting the right audiences that have shown previous interest and intent toward what you’re offering. We incorporate IP ID and mobile device ID data alongside more traditional forms of data in marketing like addresses and demographics to provide a comprehensive mix of data. The reality: You don’t have to guess any longer when it comes to your advertising!


When you know better, you will run better digital ads, and see better results for your business. At Data-Dynamix, we’re always working to help our partners and clients advertise better and better. Don’t let old or erroneous information dictate your digital ads. Focus on what is going on TODAY in digital ads so that you can gain real results from your next campaign!